The Encounter Season 2 (January 2020?)

Coming to January 29, 2019?

Writer(s): Timothy Katajczak, Keith Ray Putman

Director(s): TBA

Producer(s): Andrea Logan White, David A. R. White, Bradley Dorsey? Bruce Marchiano?

Starring: Brooke Becker, Gina Simms, Bruce Marchiano, Shari Rigby, Michele Gomez, Ashley Bratcher, Bradley Dorsey, Brooke Becker, Ty Anaya, Josh Tipis, more TBA

Plot Synopsis: What would you do if you had an encounter with Jesus? In the first episode, Lily is devastated when her idea of a perfect wedding doesn’t go so perfect. She and the other characters will discover what happens when Bruce Marchiano Jesus steps in. Currently slated for 8 episodes with the first one airing January 29th, 2020 (maybe) on

16 thoughts on “The Encounter Season 2 (January 2020?)

  1. Actually, it was originally scheduled for October according to IMDB ( You can read the first 2 episode descriptions there. The second is currently scheduled for Jan. 29. PureFlix is currently looking for lifetime subscribers more than content; some of us remember SkyAngel….. I think they are on much better footing than SkyAngel was. I had no idea they were considered a non-profit.

    If you like The Encounter series (I do) you can also look up the Perfect Stranger Series; similar scenarios with Jesus (this time played by Jefferson Moore) working in lives today. The hardest part for these series is to come up with enough original content to keep them going. The second hardest is makeup to keep the principle actor looking 33. Jeff Moore gave up on that, but Bruce Marciano is still doing pretty well at looking younger than he is. Best to both.


  2. I can’t wait! I have just binged on the movies and series! I want more! Jesus is amazing and so is the actor that plays Him.


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