Only One Way (Movie Review)

Only One Way Movie - Josiah Warren, Michael Maponga, Suzee Rodetis ...

Plot Summary

Paul was homeschooled all his life, but now that he’s in college, he feels persecuted by all the students because he lives with his parents and never wants to party with them. Thus, due to the prodding of his girlfriend, Paul moves into his own apartment and starts partying with her so-called friends. Will Paul be able to find his way back to the faith of his childhood???

Production Quality (.5 point)

In keeping with all previous patterns of Strong Foundation Films, Only One Way (not sure why it’s called that) has a horrific production. It contains poor background audio, loud noises, extremely obvious overdubs, and a loud, generic soundtrack. Though video quality and camera work are fine except for some shaky moments, the lighting is inconsistent. Sets, locations, and props are extremely cheap and limited, and there are a number of glaring continuity errors. Further, this movie has one of the worst editing jobs on record as there are incredibly abrupt cuts and very quick transitions between sequences. Sometimes, scenes are completely cut off, and most of them seem completely disconnected from the others. However, this section is surprisingly the best one of the whole film.

Plot and Storyline Quality (0 points)

This absurd storyline is presented one scene after the next with absolutely no continuity between them; no scene seems connected to the others as the narrative just blurts out random content however it wants. Needless to say, the content is full of mindless dialogue and conversations that build totally blank characters who act different ways at different times in the plot. Some of them are total strawmen non-Christians while others are impossibly perfect Christians. Many occurrences suddenly happen without proper lead-up because the writers simply wanted them to transpire. The screenplay drags on and on as the same things happen over and over again until it all crashes down in an incredibly bizarre ending. In the end, Only One Way is just another awful offering from the Strong Foundation team, which is unfortunately nothing new.

Acting Quality (0 points)

This section is also full of typical Strong Foundation stuff, such as mumbled lines and grossly uncoached acting. It seems like none of the cast members are really trying or are even motivated to perform well. None of the actors and actresses are believable or realistic in their offerings. As a side note, the injury acting is horrific. Thus, this part also receives no points and rounds out another ridiculous creation from this team.


What else is there to say? Time and again, Josiah David Warren and the rest keep rolling out pathetic excuses for movies with nothing to really stop them. They continue to contribute to the already-cluttered Christian entertainment landscape. All anyone can learn from this is how not to do it.

Final Rating: .5 out of 10 points

2 thoughts on “Only One Way (Movie Review)

  1. I haven’t seen this movie yet, but hope to come across it. My college party years occurred as a total degenerate atheist who kept trying to get my roommate’s religious girlfriend drunk by sneaking vodka into her non-alcoholic drinks. The movie you describe (Only One Way) has characters disturbingly like myself! You may consider those actions absurd, but that was ME! Film-wise, I’m a person briefly employed in the Hollywood film sound industry who went on to do other audio projects, so I always cringe when I experience poor quality film sound! I encounter it often enough in secular Hollywood movies where actors went into the looping (ADR) studio to fix dialogue and no one tried very hard to sync up lips seen on the screen, with overdubbed ADR dialogue recordings. It’s not that hard to do correctly. In Christian films, the budget is often about zilch, but it would be nice if they’d get people who know sound & editing, to do it right, as a testimony of the quality of their faith. My church actually sponsored a Christian filming about 5 years ago. The story didn’t do that much for me personally, but the acting seemed fine, and they had a camera lady come in from France for the shoot, she was utterly top notch. Their sound man did a best-in-class job and the handful of problems with dialogue recording were due to lack of scheduled time & budget to go back and do a few ADR words in the studio. It wouldn’t have taken much; all dialogue had been recorded live. The production sound mixer achieved the best live dialogue recording I’d ever heard. I met & chatted with him later (I can’t remember his name!) and told him as much, he confirmed that all dialogue had been recorded live during filming, and explained about the lack of ADR. Filming had been with a Red Camera.


    • Thanks for sharing your opinion! I definitely agree that something like this could happen, but the way it was presented was all wrong. Other aspects of the plot were incredibly unrealistic, mostly due to how jumps all over the place. God bless!


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