Roe v. Wade (Movie Review)

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Plot Summary

In this propaganda version of history, Roe v. Wade only happened because a giant conspiracy involving the media, the court system, and the medical field forced it to happen since they were so addicted to abortions. This alleged cabal supposedly loved abortion so much that they regularly sang songs about it. If this film is to be believed, all the conspirators ever thought about night and day was abortion, and anyone who stood against them was to be completely ostracized. With movies like these, it’s no wonder that so many people are skeptical of the pro-life movement.

Production Quality (1.5 points)

As a whole, the production of Roe v. Wade is mostly acceptable, including good video quality and camera work. However, audio quality is uneven, as shown by very poor overdubs and an inconsistent soundtrack. Some scenes are very dark while others have odd soft lighting. Sets, locations, and props are passable, but the editing is quite choppy. Cuts and transitions are all over the map, but this aspect of the film is likely due to the utter disaster that is the plot. In the end, the production section is at least average.

Plot and Storyline Quality (-2.5 points)

Seemingly in a mission to become one of the most obnoxious and in-your-face movies since Assassin 33 AD or The Reliant, Roe v. Wade succeeds on all fronts. Beginning with the very first scene, the screenplay’s extreme pro-life message is pushed on the audience via immediate and constant narration that sometimes covers up dialogue. Moreover, it’s not like the conversations are really worth hearing since most of the dialogue is designed for shock factors and propaganda. Not a single spoken line can exist without a fundamentalist agenda being shoved down the viewer’s throat. Elsewhere, tons of content is forced into the narrative, including random asides that continually interrupt the storyline. Large time jumps and information dumps attempt to connect it all together, so all these pitfalls inevitably create wooden characters. The “bad” characters, such as the abortion activists, could not be worse strawmen, and there are generally way too many characters to keep up with. The most disgusting aspects of the issue are obsessed over, and the pro-abortion side of the argument is portrayed in the most evil way possible. Due to the massive amount of content in this film, many sequences are very rushed, leading to a nonsensical and incoherent conclusion. Needless to say, this section easily earns its negative rating.

Acting Quality (0 points)

A majority of the acting in this movie is quite overplayed and disingenuous. Line delivery is robotic, and emotions are forced. It’s extremely difficult to believe that many of the actors and actresses in this bloated cast are taking the matter seriously. Hence, this aspect of the screenplay rounds out an effort that should have never happened.


Much like the production process of Unplanned, the creation of Roe v. Wade was seemingly based on deception as some of the initial cast and crew were allegedly not given complete information about the film’s intentions. Whether or not this claim is fully or partially true, it seems to shed light on the attitude of the movie’s creators: produce propaganda at any cost and through any means necessary. Thus, we’re left with this finish product, which is a total disaster in every way. Hopefully, in the very near future, we’ll no longer see offerings like this one that further mar the reputation of Christian entertainment.

Final Rating: -1 out of 10 points


7 thoughts on “Roe v. Wade (Movie Review)

  1. You were either a kid (or not born yet) when these things happened. I was there. The movie is far closer to reality than you can believe. It’s not a unique scenario; they looked for a ‘poster-child’, lied to her and about her, and simply legislated from the bench. It was never about her. Oregon had already legalized. Other states had it on the ballots. It had been done before, with other ideas, and it still happens today. Only tell people what you want them to hear; and destroy all others. Close down other opinions. Recent case in point: It was not Neanderthal thinking to open Texas a few weeks ago. It went against the grain. It wasn’t part of group-learn, or indoctrination. Yet it worked. In the words of Groucho Marx; ‘Who are you going to believe, me, or your own eyes?’ What is saddest how harshly you attack all views you don’t hold. You are not the target audience for every film made. There are films I abhor too, but I feel sorry for the people that made them, I don’t hate them or demonize them.


    • My friend, I can totally relate to your feelings, when it comes to the hateful, condescending secular movie critics. Their disdain for anyone who doesn’t worship at the altar of progressivism is obvious and disgusting. But the people who review movies here, are not them. They just have higher standards for Christian filmmakers than other similar sites. They want conservative movies to be able to compete in the marketplace with the mainstream secular films, in terms of production quality, acting and writing. That’s why movies like this one make them upset. They are completely disappointed by yet another conservative movie that tries to get by soley on its conservative message, while offering a mediocre film experience, thus alienating a potentially new audience who might actually be receptive to the truth it offers. I frankly understand and don’t blame them for being upset. But make no mistake. They’re on OUR side. They’re not against us and they haven’t demonized anybody. If you disagree with their take on this film, that’s fair. But don’t accuse them of being hateful. That’s NOT fair. Be careful you’re not the one doing the very thing you’re accusing them of. Blessings.

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    • Pardon me, but aren’t you attacking a view you don’t hold (if indeed this is the view that the reviewer holds)?


      • Perhaps I am. I read the review as doing the same thing: Attack both in content and form, yet without the benefit of having actually experienced it. Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. It’s a double edged sword.


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