Power of the Air (Movie Review)

Power of the Air (2018) | Full Movie | Nicholas X. Parsons | Patty Duke | A  Dave Christiano Film - YouTube

Plot Summary

David Williams just wants to live a regular life, but one day, after being convicted by the message of an African missionary, David and his wife decide to stop watching secular movies due to their objectionable content. David is ostracized at work for this decision, but he feels strongly that he needs to do more to reach others for the Gospel. He wants to air a radio ad, but the city’s largest radio station is standing in his way. Will they be able to air the ad on every radio station???

Production Quality (2.5 points)

The Christiano team has come a long way since the old days of their films. Power of the Air has a very professional production with only a few errors. Video quality, audio quality, and camera work are all compliant with industry standards. Sets, locations, and props are also good. The only concerns in this section relate to editing, which leaves something to be desired. Nonetheless, this isn’t enough to prevent a very high score from being awarded here.

Plot and Storyline Quality (0 points)

Full of information-dump dialogue and expository conversations that are designed to push messages, this narrative is lacking in depth. Empty characters are simply pawns of the plot, which is full of generic Christian propaganda. The philosophy of the writers is very closed-minded and tone-deaf when it comes to real life. Administering heavy doses of legalism, the creators exchange actually story for an outdated view of society, implying that basically all media is evil. The only thing that keeps the screenplay running on fumes is a ridiculous ongoing conflict about when to air a radio commercial, and this experience is full of absurdly forced drama, trying to make the viewers actually care about this stupid first-world problem. In the end, with no potential to be had, this aspect of the movie can’t receive any points.

Acting Quality (1.5 points)

Throughout Power of the Air, the acting is acceptable without much good or bad to point out. Most performances are fairly pedestrian. Emotional and line delivery are passable. However, there’s simply not enough dynamic to warrant a higher than average score for this section.


Via this film, the Christiano team raises valid points about how American Christians unnecessarily consume too much objectionable entertainment. However, the very existence of Power of the Air only furthers the problem because it demonstrates why many Christians seek entertainment outside Christian circles: Christian entertainment, as a whole, is just bad. Power of the Air is no exception to this general rule. Why should Christians want to watch a screenplay like this? What’s the point? Until Christian creators learn why people watch what they watch, we’ll just keep having the same problems.

Final Rating: 4 out of 10 points


4 thoughts on “Power of the Air (Movie Review)

  1. The reviewer has to be reviewed him on which side of God he stands. If you don’t believe in God stop reviewing Christian movies because God’s ways and perception is far beyond that of man. An ant never compares to a man.


  2. This movie is valuable, just because it brings up an unusual Christian message which we have all probably read before in our Bibles, (if we are already Christian) when we read about the end times in the gospels of Matthew, the epistles of Paul and most relevant the writings which are about the seven Churches in Revelation! Specifically, about the Church in Laodicea, one of the seven Churches with which Christ finds after evaluating, finds fault. He says that this church is lukewarm; and He goes on to illuminate this situation in Revelation 3:14 and Colossians 4:16. Indifference “lukewarmness” to Jesus Christ is the most defining negative trait of the Christian church in our present time, especially , in the main stream media. The film “Power of the Air” is based on these findings. We need to stop worrying about how “politically” correct our communication is and start to use communication effectively for Jesus Christ. Any “flack” and adversity, we receive from others because they scoff or rate us as “judgemental”, can be considered our tribulation and/or “taking up our cross ” and following the Lord. My point is that this is a profound message. Hell is real and anyone who has never heard of Jesus Christ, the “only ” way to the Father, risks having his immortal soul, destined to be separated from God in “Hell” for all time, eternally. This is horrific. Many so-called Christians think this allusion to hell and punishment, is poetic symbolism; and explain it away as our own punishment on earth for extreme egotism and self- preoccupation, etc.; and, that the devil is just a medieval concept. They have already denied Christ ´s words, which mention “Hell” over 300 times in the NewTestament as the “lake of fire” and Gahenna and “burning” of the weeds which grow together with the wheat, and other inferences to punishment. Satan no doubt gloats with pleasure at this failed and flimsy interpretation of the serious warnings of Jesus Christ, whom he hates ! The mystical, though, is not imagery, but real. Christ really did feed 12,000 people with a few loaves and fishes , and He really did produce a hand (anti- Einstein natural theory) , by producing something our of nothing. because He is God , and a super (above nature) -natural Being. Further example: He produced FLESH for the man with the withered HAND ! Hell is real, and we should want to save as many people as possible by pushing the Holy Bible in front of them before it is TOO LATE for them and for us all. This is what our loving and justice- thinking God, concerned and very seriously demands of us, while we struggle here on earth , hoping for union with God AFTER WE DIE. Earth is our test for Heavenly bliss. In other words: ” the great commission”. Spread the Gospel of Christ. This film: “Power of the Air” is profound and excellent. This is the message in James 1:21 -25 “be not just hearers of the word, but, doers of the word” .


  3. I thought this movie was really, really good. It was convicting- isn’t that the most important thing in Christian movies? Power of the Air glorified God in its messages and really changed my viewpoint on movies (and the media industry in general). The acting, was admittedly imperfect, but the message transcended the limited budget of the movie- a rare feat in Christian films! Storyline and production quality are only a small part of the movie- the message is what’s most important. This movie clearly communicated an important and timely message that convicts and challenges the audience. I love that Box Office Revolution wants to improve Christian entertainment, but, respectfully, I completely disagree with this review.


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