God’s Not Dead 4: We the People (Fall 2021)

Coming to theaters in Fall 2021 from PureFlix

Writer(s): Tommy Blaze

Director(s): Vance Null

Producer(s): Brent Ryan Green, Ben Laurro, Kim Percival, Michael Scott, David A. R. White, Anna Zielinski

Starring: David A. R. White, William Forsythe, Isaiah Washington, Antonio Sabato Jr., Jeanine Pirro, Amanda Jaros, Paul Kwo, Francesa Battistelli, Matt Anspach, Marco Khan, Benjamin A. Onyango, Hadeel Sittu, Deborah Tucker, Lena Harmon, Anna Zielinski, Vincent De Paul, Nancy Harding, Gary Galone, Christian Stokes, Dani Oliveros, Leticia Robles, Grayson Palumbo, Benét Embry, Tatum Hatfield, Victor Caballero

Plot Synopsis: When an evil government official inspects a homeschooling family and tries to shut down the home learning operation, Pastor Dave (along with some lawyers) is ready to take the fight to highest court in the land! Liberty and religious freedom (as well as PureFlix’s future finances) are on the line, so there’s a lot resting on this fictional court drama that will inevitably feature a Fox News anchor. Will PureFlix be able to successfully use the fourth installment of a half-baked franchise to revitalize their business model?


6 thoughts on “God’s Not Dead 4: We the People (Fall 2021)

  1. Hey, the term ‘a half-baked franchise to revitalize their business model’ came from the reviewer Caleb, not me. Attendance (BOXOFFICE is the name of this site!) isn’t the most important thing, but it is one tangible way to keep score. Yes, I have seen most of the Chosen. You used the right word; ‘trendy’. I think The Chosen could have a more lasting impact than most series using the sequel model, series like God’s Not Dead… or not. The series model is a good way for studios without super deep pockets (and trust me, no Christian studio has very deep pockets) to advertise; the characters have already been established. People have interest in seeing what comes next without turning into a soap opera. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a big step above say Love Comes Softly, or the Christy series, both of whose popularity was based on a sequel model as well. What impact does the Christy series have after 20 years? I know of a series still being sold after 30 years, and it was no more or less accurate than The Chosen, and that was a cartoon. Do you think the lasting impact of The Chosen will be greater than Richard Rich’s old NEST cartoon videos? I have no idea why that has had staying power. Of course, like The Chosen, it was ‘strictly targeted toward the Christian Culture as a marketing stunt’, so perhaps The Chosen will have that kind of ‘lasting impact’.

    Hey, in the words of the heroine of the movie Switched; Lead With Love….



    • Hi Larry, not sure what you mean by keeping “score”. As for The Chosen making a lasting impact on the world, I believe that as long as they are following what God is telling them to write and portray, they will. However, I do believe they are in a difficult position and have the potential risk of becoming commercialized. The danger for them is becoming an echo for the world instead of a voice. Ultimately, if nothing else they will certainly make an impact on Christian entertainment and hopefully pave the way for even better content in the future from more creators.

      P.S. NEST entertainment will forever remain an enigma that will leave many either laughing or scratching their heads.


  2. Always interesting to see your opinions. So trendy. “Will PureFlix be able to successfully use the fourth installment of a half-baked franchise to revitalize their business model?”

    Just a data-point; I ran (run?) a ‘Community’ Drive-In theater, and a smaller community indoor theater. The Drive-In movies are Christian, the indoor are simply family. We have a lot of ‘un-churched’ people, but the majority are Christians from various churches. In the 18 years I ran the theater, our highest attendance, over 250 people, was for a “God’s Not Dead” film. It wasn’t even close. Our second largest at between 180 and 200 was ‘Soul Surfer’ They were both higher than any $isney film. BTW, that’s after 130 Drive-In and 700 indoor films… Sounds like the business model is working, but knowing the people at PureFlix, they aren’t as concerned with that model as you might think. You might not like what draws a crowd, but someone does.



    • By this logic it sounds like you are saying the God’s Not Dead franchise is good for business? Also attendance numbers vs lasting impact is more important? Every PureFlix movie I’ve seen that they created is a hollowed out shell of a movie strictly targeted toward the Christian Culture as a marketing stunt and this seems to confirm that. I hope for the day when christian entertainment breaks through the barrier of trying to meet the standards of Hollywood but rather just makes a good impactfull film/movie that is not a marketing stunt. Nice ad campaign by the way👏. Have you watched The Chosen yet? Now that’s trendy


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