His Only Son (status unknown)

Status currently unknown

Writer(s): David Helling

Director(s): David Helling

Producer(s): D’Andre Connolly, Brian Helmick, Sarah Kaney, Roman Medjanov

Starring: Sara Seyed, Scot Cooper, Luis Fernandez-Gil, Nicolas Mouawad, Orestes Sophocleous, Daniel da Silva, Edaan Moskowitz

Plot Synopsis: After being called on by the Lord, Abraham’s faith is tested on his three day journey to sacrifice his son.


The Righteous Twelve (status unknown)

Status currently unknown

Writer(s): Stephen Donnelly, Chuck Williams

Director(s):  Anthony Adams, Oliver Lucas

Producer(s): ????

Starring: Aaron Mees, Jessica Lynch, Timothy Goodwin, Sierra Foley

Plot Synopsis: In this faith-based Western, no man can escape God’s Wrath.  Twelve men come together to revenge their friend’s death but on their journey…will they find Redemption or Death? 

The Inheritance (status unknown)

Status currently unknown

Writer(s): Andrea Polnaszek, Alexandra Boylan

Producer(s): Andrea Polnaszek, Alexandra Boylan, Meredith Riley Stewart

Cast: Meredith Riley Stewart

Plot summary: Four estranged siblings, return home following the death of their mother, for the spreading of her ashes. When they get there, they find that she has hidden the deed somewhere on the property, and the first one to find it inherits everything.

Journey to Hell (April 2021)

Streaming April 23, 2021

Writer(s): Timothy Chey 

Director(s): Timothy Chey  

Producer(s): Timothy Chey 

Starring: ????

Plot Synopsis: Based on the best-selling, highly acclaimed classic novel by John Bunyan, the film is about a man who goes to hell and back, finding redemption in the end.

Yippee TV (Streaming Service Review)

YIPPEE TV Giveaway: New Streaming Service for Families

Streaming Service Summary

Yippee Tv is a new online streaming service for kids and families. Their mission statement is all about characters building character. They originally became known to the public for their exclusive possession of the new VeggieTales show and other exclusive content. In this review we hope to explore the aspects of this service and give you some pros, cons, and opinions on its quality.

Appearance (2.5 points)

Yippee’s appearance is one of its strong points. It has a nice yet basic professional design. Concerning other visuals, Yippee only uses Vimeo’s platform to stream videos, there is not much to speak of otherwise except a browse/search future. Hence, it is because Yippee has a basic design that it is not overly complicated or confusing. Nonetheless, it is still not an ideal design and there is nothing particularly unique about it. In the same instance there is nothing particularly wrong with it either, placing it just above average in this area.

Ease of Navigation (1.5 points)

When it comes to ease of navigation this is where Yippee’s basic design is somewhat of a disadvantage. Mainly because there is no way of filtering content easily since it lacks many features. There is only a generic search function at the top of the page and no way to refine search results. However, Yippee does already have videos/shows organized into categories for you. Therefore, it’s possible most people will not even experience any problems with navigating through Yippee’s content, especially your child. I personally found the service lacking in some basic navigational futures that are very available and easy to include. These issues may be minor but are still inexcusable, thus why it has received the above points.

Diversity of Content (3 points)

As I have already mentioned, Yippee has an expansive library of diverse content and they are seemingly adding more over time. Which is why diversity and exclusivity of content is the main advantage to this service. It is imperative to have fresh and exclusive content in your streaming service because that is what will ultimately draw people to it. That is exactly what Yippee has done with their service.


In conclusion, Yippee’s fresh exclusive content and ease of access (through app stores etc.) are the main factors that many families are looking for in a streaming service. Which is why Yippee is one of the best options available today for streaming Christian entertainment with the whole family, even with a few cons.

Final Rating: 7 out of 10 points

Minno (Streaming Service Review)

Image result for minno streaming

Streaming Service Summary

Minno is one of the latest Christian streaming services that offers safe and friendly entertainment for kids. This service is made available online and in app form. It was previously known as JellyTelly, and now hosts their content, as well as many other shows.

Appearance (2 points)

Minno has a simplistic design that flows well and is not overdone or too boring. However, it doesn’t have much more to offer than its counterparts in this particular area. Overall, Minno has a nice look to it that younger viewers will probably relate to quite well. In summary, there is always room for improvement, but Minno has a good start here. Yet, they could make a bit more of an effort to include aspects that are unique, thus setting their content apart from the norm.

Ease of Navigation (1.5 points)

Navigation is a little bit of a bumpy road with this service. Everything is clearly labeled well, but it is a little bit difficult for first-time users to find their way around. Additionally, it is slightly challenging to find the catalog of shows and episodes that are available to watch. But, as I mentioned before, this may only be an issue for first-time users. It would be better if the catalog was more prominently located. The advanced search engine is a nice feature because you can filter it by show duration and age recommendation. However, it would be better as a drop down option due to how much space it claims on the screen. Technicalities aside, it is, for the most part, easy to navigate and the search engine works like it should.

Diversity of Content (1.5 points)

Minno has plenty of options available for kids to watch; however, it does not have many films and series that other services do not already have. Understandably, they are still in the process of adding things to the service, so it will be interesting to see where they go from here. Hence, one thing that would definitely set it apart from other services is having more original content. Currently, it has many good options, but a wall will most likely be hit in young ones’ attention spans unless the content is kept diverse.


Overall, Minno is a wonderful option for your kids. It looks okay, is easy to navigate once the basics are learned, and it has a nice amount of shows available. The service is available in app form, which is certainly helpful but in this day and age this should be an automatic given. Now when it comes to cost and value, it is really up to the user’s decision. All it would take is a few minor adjustments to greatly improve the quality of this service.

Final Rating: 5 out of 10 points

Pure Flix (Streaming Service Review)

Image result for pure flix

Streaming Service Summary

Pure Flix has made a name for themselves in the christian movie market for many years, mostly due to not much competition. Not only so but Pure Flix has become more popular in the past couple of years among christian family’s because of their streaming service. Their streaming service was among the first to grace this particular market and so far they have continued to hold an audience. Probably one of the reasons for this is how flexible their service is because you can use it in app form and many other platforms. Now does this mean that they have a quality service? Lets find out.

Appearance (1.5 points)

Pure Flix spent plenty of money on their service but seemed to overlook the overall appearance of their service. It is very stock and to put it straightly “boring”. However, this may not mean much in end because it doesn’t effect the functionality of the service or hinder viewers in any way. On the other hand though having a nice appearance does matter to some viewers but not most I imagine. Overall it is fine but not great.

Ease of Navigation (2.5 points)

It is mostly easy to navigate this service, only a few nit picky things to note. First, the organization of the movies and shows is a little discombobulated and makes it hard to find things. Second the search engine isn’t the best but it gets the job done. Navigation for the most part is straightforward otherwise and not much else that really stands out.

Diversity of Content (3 points)

Now to mention Pure Flix’s strongest point, diversity of content. This is really what sets Pure Flix apart from all the other Christian streaming services because they host a plethora of shows and movies. A lot of which are their own originals. Which is what most streaming services are lacking, original content. Now is this diverse content of good quality? You decide. However, it is my opinion that most of the content provided on Pure Flix’s service is a waste of time but that is just my opinion. It should be pointed out nonetheless that having a plethora of content doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good content. So this is an area Pure Flix should work on. Overall there is not many complaints in this area.


In conclusion when it comes down to it Pure Flix is currently pretty much the best option available for streaming Christian content of all genres. Why you may ask? Well a few reasons. Firstly they have the most content for the best deal. Now when it comes to the best deal it is the viewers decision but my opinion is that Pure Flix is the best bang for your buck for how much they have to offer. Which brings us to our second point, they are always adding new things to their service which makes it worth your time and money if you are looking for a service like this. Thirdly they have updated their player from what it used to be and it works pretty good. Because of these pros mentioned Pure Flix has received an X factor point mainly due to being the only ones that currently offer these options in the best way.

Final Rating: 8 out of 10 points

Fatal Strike by DiAnn Mills

Author’s note: We were provided with a free copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Plot and Storyline Quality (2 points)

Diann Mills’ latest novel – Fatal Strike – is a mixed bag that has some good and some bad moments. The strongest part of the novel is the storyline, the weakest part is the character development, and the creativity/originality is average. Leah Riesel, an FBI agent/sniper, is committed to her work and content to live a solitary life when she’s not working. Leah has few close friends, has mixed feelings about God, and continually feels guilt and regret about events in her past. After completing routine sniper work as part of a hostage situation, Leah is unexpectedly given a big assignment with a partner she barely knows. Jon Colbert is an experienced sniper who is confident in his abilities and prefers the comfort zone of work to the unpredictability of relationships. Jon feels guilty about the tragic death of his mentor and is reluctant to form new long-term relationships because he fears loss. When Leah and Jon are forced to work together to solve a string of mysterious gang-related murders, their insecurities and strengths will be tested. As their list of suspects grows and people continue to die, Leah and Jon will have to face their fears and be honest about their feelings for each other if they want to solve the case. On the whole, the plot holds the attention all the way through and the storyline contains some interesting twists and turns. Additionally, Mills does a pretty good job of concealing the villian until the end of the story and throws in a few unexpected puzzle pieces along the way. In comparison, the worst part of the novel is the way one character goes against procedure by being involved in a case that concerns people he knew personally. In the real world, an FBI agent (or otherwise) is not allowed to be involved in cases that are connected to their personal life. Furthermore, sensationalism sometimes replaces depth as the story goes on – lots of action scenes rather than compelling dialogue sequences. Therefore, Mills rounds out with an average score in this section.

Character Development (1.5 points)

In contrast, these characters could use some work. In High Treason, Mills crafted characters that stood out from those in other suspense novels for being very relatable and having identities outside of their jobs. Unfortunately, these characters do the exact opposite. It was a good idea to build characters around events in the past and the present, but the best characters in this genre have an identity outside of their role in the storyline. Leah has several good moments as a character, but it is hard to get to know her in-between action scenes and a semi-forced romance with Jon – we hear about what she does and who she likes, rather than see her develop over time. Jon also has some good moments, but he is given little to no identity outside of his career choice. In comparison, several of the secondary characters are very good and their stories have more meaning than the rest of the plot, but it is hard to keep up with them in the midst of everything else. Likewise, this would have been a very interesting suspense novel if it was written from the perspective of the suspects. (spoiler) For instance, Dylan, Sylvia, and Rachel’s interconnected stories would have made them great protagonists. Thus, because the errors here outweigh the potential, Mills receives a below average score in character development.

Creativity & Originality (.5 point)

Finally, Mills receives a half point in creativity for her unique secondary characters. Additionally, despite it’s many flaws, Fatal Strike does have potential to be an interesting Christian suspense film. First, the screenwriter would need to restructure the plot so that Leah and Jon become minor characters and Dylan, Sylvia, and Rachel become the protagonists. Lastly, many of the action scenes would need to be replaced with dialogue sequences between the new protagonists. In conclusion, this novel could be a breakthrough Christian movie if it gave non-white people and former criminals a voice and identity outside of social labels.

Wish List Rating: 4 out of 10 points

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The Pilgrim’s Progress: The Journey Begins

The Pilgrim’s Progress

Plot Summary

The famous tale by John Bunyan now comes to life in animated form for the first time. Join Christian as he embarks on a daring quest to the Celestial City that will ultimately test his faith and endurance as he fights through each new challenge the enemy brings him in attempt to dissuade him from the path of righteousness.

Production Quality (2.5 points)

The overall production of this movie is unique and fairly well done – minus a few imperfections. One main imperfection is that most scenes are overall quite choppy and transitions are awkward. Not to mention that some scenes (especially close up staring scenes) go on for a little too long. For the most part though, as already mentioned, the animation quality is actually quite good, especially scenes involving nature. As for music quality, it’s not bad but it seems a little inconsistent. For example, it’s either too overpowering or too drowned out by extra background noises. However, these are all fairly minor issues because there is always room for improvement in nearly every film. This being said, Pilgrims Progress The Journey Begins certainly has a lot more to offer (production wise) than most Christian animated movies with just a few things that could be improved upon in a production sense.

Plot & Storyline Quality (1.5 points)

The film started out with a creative outlook on the town where the main character resides, which made one think that they were going to modify the plot in a more creative/modern way. However, they sort of overlooked this idea and continued with an edited version of the original storyline. This being said, even though they did cut out a lot of the story (obviously for the sake of time) it still seems like they tried to cram too much in a film with a medium-length run-time. This goes back to the choppy production work – not to say that the plot and storyline quality is not good, it just would have been more interesting if they had restructured the plot a little bit more. The writers didn’t need too completely change the original plot, but create a few different outlooks on things like they did with some scenes already. For example, the beginning, as mentioned, and one other very interesting outlook on the story was the Legality hill scene. This scene in particular was probably the most creative scene in the movie. Another main imperfection in the storyline was that each scene seemed very different from each other, as if they were all written at different times or by different people. These factors cause the storyline to not flow very well. All of these issues and positive qualities are why it receives said points.

Acting Quality (1.5 points)

The acting quality in this movie is somewhat mediocre at best. The beginning of the film is especially rough in this area. The mayor/superior’s assistant is quite cringe worthy, even during his very short appearance in the film. The acting seems to get slightly better as the movie progresses, and it is also quite apparent throughout the film that most of the characters are played by the same voice actors (meaning John Rhys-Davies in particular). This is not really a problem though because it does workout in the end considering John Rhys-Davies is good at what he does and this method will always save space on the budget. The one main drawback of the casting is that the main character (Christian) is a bit annoying at times – it is mostly tolerable but could be better. Overall, the acting quality is one of the the main drawbacks to the film. We should certainly like to see these filmmakers spend more time on this aspect in future films.


In conclusion, all said menial problems noted about this film don’t really matter that much in the end as long as the main point is established and that point is the gospel message. Although a higher production, acting and storyline quality would definitely help to get this point along more effectively, as long as it reaches individuals and families for Christ that is all that matters. This being said, Pilgrims Progress: The Journey Begins is a great movie for children and families to watch because it doesn’t treat children like they are dumb – like so many animated christian films do – and doesn’t completely lose the interest of adults.

final rating 5.5 points out of 10 points

Joseph: King of Dreams (Movie Review)

Plot Summary

This movie tells the story of Joseph in the Bible. When Joseph receives more attention and a special gift from his parents. His ten brothers hate him even more than they already did and after the dreams that Joseph told his brothers about them. They decide to sell him to desert merchants, who take him to Egypt. There he is made the servant of the wealthy Egyptian (Potiphar). Who eventually has Joseph thrown into prison because he mistakes him for insulting his wife. Joseph then shows his God-given gift by interpreting the dreams of two other prisoners. Eventually, the Pharaoh begins to be plagued by dreams, and sends for Joseph, who interprets them and saves Egypt in the process. He is made second in command to Pharaoh. Eventually his brothers arrive in Egypt and Joseph must decide if he is going to forgive them.

Production Quality (3 points)

This movie has very good production quality being that it is very similar to its predecessor The Prince of Egypt, in music quality and animation quality. It is yet another rare well done animated Bible based film from Dreamworks back in the early two-thousands. It does a good job of portraying this great Bible story through well constructed scenes and musical numbers. One especially creative aspect is how it creatively portrays Joseph’s dreams and flashbacks with artistic flare. Therefore this is yet another rare animated Bible film where it is actually good quality. While also not treating kids or whoever is watching like they are stupid. Hence it receives the above rating.

Plot and Storyline Quality (2.5 points)

Surprisingly enough Dreamworks was actually able to stay spot on to genuine story of Joseph in Genesis. They do move through the story quickly so some minor parts are skipped. However, this is only due to how much time they have to work with in the film. They do add a few scenes here and there concerning what Joseph’s activities as a slave could have entailed. However, this is no great issue concerning the plot. For the most part though the plot and storyline is very good except for a few historical discrepancies. Which is why it receives the above rating.

Acting Quality (3 points)

The acting quality in this film is yet again very well done, considering that the actors do a very good job of portraying emotion and skill. This is because this film has a very distinguished cast. If only most live action christian films had this quality of acting the christian film industry would be in a very different place than it is currently. Therefore there are no problems to mention in this area of the film.


In conclusion Joseph: King of Dreams is a must see for the whole family of all ages. Which is definitely what we here at BoxOfficeRevolution hope to accomplish with this page. To seek out Christian animated films that can be watched by all ages and actually teach people something while not treating it like their are dumb. For their are certainly a lot of those sort of films out there.

Final Rating 8.5 out of 10 points

When Calls The Heart: Lip Reading Part 1

Welcome back to Funny Friday here at BoxOfficeRevolution featuring even more WCTH parodies! Never fear for we have found more clever spoofs of everyone’s favorite show! This series features yet another ingenious video creator on YouTube. Hilariously reading what the characters in WCTH appear to be saying according to their lip movements. As always we hope you enjoy these video’s and if so remember go over to the creators channel and give them a thumbs up!

When Calls The Heart Crack/Song Spoof #2

Well it’s “Funny Friday” again. You know what time it is? It’s time for more When Calls The Heart Parodies! This is the second installment in this epic series of WCTH spoofs as before feel free to check out the rest on their channel. Also don’t forget to beg them to make more of these please!. (P.S don’t forget to laugh:)!

The Prince of Egypt (Movie Review)

Plot Summary

In this animated retelling of the Book of Exodus, upon discovering his roots as a Jewish slave and upon promptings from God. Egyptian Prince Moses embarks on a quest to free his people from bondage. When his plea is denied by his brother Ramses, the new pharaoh, a series of horrific plagues strike Egypt. However, upon following Gods instructions, Moses finally leads the Israelite’s to freedom by parting the Red Sea and drowning the Egyptian army. God then gives Moses the Ten Commandments, a list of rules for his people to live by.

Production Quality (3 points)

The Prince of Egypt is still today the best animated christian film to date. Dreamworks surprised everyone back in the late 90’s with the idea of making a musical/biblical rendition of the story of Moses (The Prince of Egypt), in his early life. The production quality of this movie is superb especially considering the age. Not only is it a well done Biblical epic it is also a wonderfully orchestrated musical. It is very rare to have not only a well done animated christian production but also one that manages to add an original soundtrack on top of it all. The music as mentioned already, is excellent one main reason for this is that it really adds to and tells the story very effectively. It’s not like other animated productions where there are mindless sing along sessions where the characters randomly burst out into shallow (not to mention really annoying) singing for a “montage” or a “funny moment”. This brings us to the other main point for why the music is top notch. The characters can actually sing! Not to forget of course that the music is composed by Hans Zimmer and Stephen Schwartz, so you know you can’t get much better than that. Anyway to sum it up you won’t be able to find a much better quality production in an animated christian film than this one.

Plot and Storyline Quality (2 points)

The plot of The Prince of Egypt is overall excellent like the rest of the movie, they slightly altered and added to the original Bible story only slightly. Although we are not sure what actually occurred in the real story as far as moments with Ramses and Moses or the scenes with Egyptian Priest’s Hotep and Huy (which are not their real names by the way). Another aspect of the plot versus the events in the Bible, is that of Moses’s age when he confronted Pharaoh. As stated in Exodus 7, Moses was eighty years old as well as was Aaron when confronting Pharaoh. Which we are not clear of in the movie as far as how old Moses is, however, it is pretty obvious he is not eighty years old in said moments. This is not to even mention the total absence of Aaron alongside Moses in the movie. Compared to what the Bible says concerning that God sent Aaron alongside Moses to confront Pharaoh because Moses was worried about having to speak. Nevertheless this is not the case in the film, they basically combined Moses and Aaron into one character and the Aaron in the movie is for the most part absent from the film. In the end these are just nit picky complaints, however, just so it’s made known that it is not entirely accurate to what the Bible states. For the most part though the plot is very well done and authentic in that they tried to stick to the true story for the most part. Nonetheless, we cannot overlook inaccuracies of the Bible that is why it has received a lower rating in this area.

Acting Quality (3 points)

The cast of The Prince of Egypt is also of course excellent. All the characters are very well cast and their quality of acting is superb. It certainly makes a massive difference in the quality of a film especially an animated film to have a capable cast. It would be very easy to say that The Prince of Egypt also steals the prize for the best acting quality for a Bible based animated film. There are really no complaints here at all for acting quality, characters do not put on an overbearing or glass half empty performance.


This film is one of the best ideas Dreamworks has ever had, what better way to make a movie than one based off of a Bible story. Even better still one that manages to pull of a wonderful musical (yes I’ve mentioned this a lot already:) that manages to add to the plot of the film. In conclusion this film is a must see for all ages and all demographics.

Final Rating 8 out of 10 points

When Calls the Heart Crack/Song Spoof #1

This is an epic parody of everybody’s favorite show When Calls the Heart, that a pure genius created on YouTube. The creator ingeniously makes a hilariously funny spoof of this show using only songs, sorry “hearties” but i believe that even you will be joining in on the laughter as well. Without further introduction see below this epic artistry and check out the rest on their channel.

New Year, New Content and New Features!

Image result for happy new year 2019

We here at Box Office Revolution have been busy at work to further improve the quality of our site and to provide new features/content for our readers.

What’s New?

We have now added Genres to the Movie Reviews page! We have done this so that you (our readers) can easily search for the genre of movie that you are specifically looking for.

There is also a designated page for Series Reviews now! This page contains reviews for sitcoms, soap opera’s/hope opera’s, mini series, etc. You can find it here or by going to the main menu.

Also now available is a page designated for polls, awards, new and interviews. You can find it here or by going to the main menu.

We have many very exciting ideas that we are currently working on for the year of 2019. (Spoiler alert we are currently working on the idea of having a page designated for Animation/Children’s christian film reviews, shhh!). Again we are very excited for what God has in store for us and our readers this new year. Don’t forget to vote on your favorite christian movie from 2018 here. Also please feel free to take our readers survey so we can know how to better improve this site and to let us know what ideas you have, you can find it here or at the bottom of the home page. A very happy new year to all of you and remember the purpose of this site is to provide honest opinions and reviews of christian films and series. This is because we feel that some of these movies that are made in the name of Jesus and Christianity could use more work and or are not pointing people to Christ. However, if the gospel and the name of Jesus are shared and repentance is found, never mind the acting nor the quality of production and the budget. Repentance and belief in Jesus Christ is what matters. These are the kind of movies that we are looking for. Thanks and God bless!