When Calls the Heart, Season 6 (early 2019)

Season 6 Preview

Coming in early 2019

Writer(s): Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr., Kevan Smith, Jack Wagner

Director(s): Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr.

Producer(s): Brad Krevoy, Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr., Alfonso H. Moreno, Neill Fearnley, Eric Jarboe, Susie Belzberg, Michael Shepard, Jimmy Townsend, Annie Brunner, Derek Thompson, Elizabeth Stewart, Lori Loughlin, Erin Krakow, Amanda Phillips Atkins, Vicki Sotheran, Greg Malcolm

Starring: Erin Krakow, Lori Loughlin, Pascale Hutton, Jack Wagner, Kavan Smith, Mark Humphrey, Erica Carroll, Carter Ryan Evancic, Eva Bourne, Chris McNally, Kevin McGarry, Rob Estes, Jocelyn Hudon, Morgan Kohan, Aren Bucholz? Martin Cummins?

Plot Synopsis: Following Jack’s tragic, yet heroic death, Elizabeth finds comfort in her good friends Abigail, Rosemary, and the rest of those air-headed females whose names escape me at the moment. Michael Landon Jr. has finally filled his father’s large shoes by creating a romance-ending-in-husband’s-death-and-wife’s-convenient-pregnancy plot. I predict that somehow the creators will find a way to inject each and every episode with feel-good platitudes, without forgetting to emphasize at every possible occasion that Elizabeth is PREGNANT. Hearties, non-Hearties, and critics everywhere are awaiting this new season with anticipation.


Buttons (December 2018)

Coming to theaters December 8, 2018 from Fathom Events and Cranberry Island films

Writer(s): Tim Janis

Director(s): Tim Janis

Producer(s): Tim Janis, Roma Downey? Mark Burnett?

Starring: Dick Van Dyke, Angela Lansbury, Abigail Spencer, Jane Seymour, Roma Downey, Ioan Gruffudd, Katie McGrath, Robert Picardo, Charles Shaughnessy, Paul Greene, John de Lancie, Alivia Clark, Noelle Parker, Devlin Stark, Reilly Anspaugh, Tom Rhoads

Plot Synopsis:During a time of robber barons, mills, and rising industry, two orphan children meet two unexpected visitors (Dick Van Dyke & Angela Lansbury) who turn the tide of events and change their lives forever.

The Islands (April 2019)

Image result for the islands movie timothy chey

Image result for the islands movie timothy chey

Image result for the islands movie timothy chey

Coming to theaters in April 2019 from RiverRain Productions


Writer(s): Timothy A. Chey, Umi Perkins

Director(s): Timothy A. Chey

Producer(s): R. Julie Burnett, Susan F. Chey, Timothy A. Chey, S. Marc Clooney, Lehi Makisi Falepapalangi, David Galea’i, Todd Kim, V. Carol Rosenthal, Ichiro Tatsume, Angela Xiong

Starring: Teuira Shanti NapaMira SorvinoRicky Sua’ava, John Savage, Ichiro Tange, Malia Marquez, Michael Camp, Malia Mahi John Huser, Lehi Makisi Falepapalangi, Harry Walia, Ala’amoe Keolanui, Boyd Lauano, Andrew Sexton Iii, David Galea’i, Shawn McBride, Clifton Burchfield, Bill Stonebreaker, Yosef Kasnetzkov, Troy Husey, Wallace Del Rosario, Kealii Kuikahi, Craig Nahale, Jessica Kamalu, Vanessa Clay, Vanessa Cadang, Frank Cozart, Ikaika Jonathan, Josephine Kueva, Kae’o Kapani, Serita Liva, Yolanda Hiapo, Sanders Kapahulehua, Rebecca Sanders, Hori Bayani, Tracy Makuakane, Mailani Makainai, Alice Nakahara, Lev Kohn, John Danilewicz, Emmanuel Gomez, Angel Lemus

Plot Synopsis:

Based on the incredible true-life story of Chiefess Kapiolani who descended into an active volcano to demonstrate her new-found faith and ushered in a new beginning in Hawaii.

The website above has a much more in-depth description that space does not permit inclusion.

Christmas Manger (November 2018)

Coming to DVD and Pureflix.com on November 6, 2018

Movie Trailer 

Writer: David A.R. White?

Director: Brent Ryan Green

Producer: David A.R. White, Michael Scott, Chuck Howard, Brad Allen, Martin Michael

Cast: Taylor Bedford, Randy Wayne, Andrea Logan White, Steven Young, Graham Schneider, Alexander Kane, Chris Cleveland, Tara Reid, Jill Pugh, Christine Costanza, Josh Kirkland

Plot summary: An elderly man struggles with the death of his wife until his estranged foster child and her young daughter re-enter his life and give him a new purpose to live. Chap visits the grave site of his beloved wife just before Thanksgiving. Having turned down an invitation from his daughter, Laura, to spend Thanksgiving with her family, Chap is determined to make a feast like his wife used to; however, upon climbing into the attic to retrieve a serving dish, he falls and hits his head. His estranged foster daughter, Jessica, finds him and brings to the hospital where the doctors advise that Chap not be left alone until his concussion heals. Furious at being treated like an invalid, Chap balks at every attempt of his foster daughter to help, but his granddaughter is eager to bond with her grandpa. Chap resists her attempts to forge a relationship but is eventually won over as the two read Chap’s wife’s old Bible together. When Laura discovers that Jessica is taking care of him, she worries that Jessica is only after Chap’s will and might be planning to create a suspicious accident to eliminate Chap, but her fears are dispelled and Chap breaks the news that he wants to officially adopt Jessica and help her raise the granddaughter.

untitled Erwin brothers TV series (coming in 2019)

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor


Writer(s): Jon Erwin, Brent McCorkle?

Director(s): Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin

Producer(s): Kevin Downes, Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin, Josh Walsh

Starring: TBA

Plot Synopsis: TBA

The Baxters, Season 1 (2018)

Coming in 2018

Writers: Karen Kingsbury, Christina De Leon, Marilyn Fu, Olumide Odebunmi

Directors: Rachel Feldman

Producers: Roma Downey, Mark Burnett, Will Packer, Christopher Boyd, Brendan Bragg, Rick Christian, Ashlee Cohen, Karen Kingsbury, Kevin Mann, Dominic Ottersbach,

Cast: Trevor Donovan, Ali Cobrin, Brandon Hirsch, Taylour Paige, Roma Downey, Kai Caster, Ted McGinley, Masey McLain, Cassidy Gifford, Damien Leake, Asher Morrissette, Josh Plasse, Sheila Cutchlow, Victor Rodriguez, Jaime Primak Sullivan

Plot Synopsis: A series of short episodes based on Karen Kingsbury’s famous Baxter family book series that chronicles the trials and tribulations of a large family with six adult children.

Malibu Dan the Family Man, Season 2 (November 2018)

Coming to Pureflix.com on November 16, 2018

Writer(s): David A. R. White, Tommy Blaze, Philip Morton?

Director(s): Gregg Binkley, David de Vos?


Starring: David A. R. White, Andrea Logan White, Kevin Downes, Lauren Harper, Brad Heller, Kelly Stables, Aria Walters, John O’Hurley, Robin Givens, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Victoria Jackson, Erik Estrada, Gregg Binkley?, Madeline Carroll, Gigi Rice

Plot Synopsis:

Untitled Erwin Brothers Film (Fall 2019)

Andy Erwin (far left), Kevin Downes, and Jon Erwin have formed a new faith-based filmmaking company, Kingdom, that will release multiple movies by different directors in what Jon Erwin calls a "leap forward" in faith moviemaking. Lionsgate will distribute them. Kingdom will announce its first slate of movies in March at the National Religious Broadcasters convention. Erwin Brothers photo


Writer(s): Jon Erwin, Brent McCorkle?

Director(s): Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin

Producer(s): Kevin Downes, Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin, Josh Walsh

Starring: TBA

Plot Synopsis: This film will focus on the Jesus Movement of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. It will tell the story of America’s last great spiritual awakening, and will likely be another Erwin brothers masterpiece.

A Promise to Astrid (March 2019)

Currently in post-production

Writer(s): Jason Campbell

Director(s): Jason Campbell, Gary Lee Vincent

Producer(s): Jason Campbell, Mike Tourville

Starring: Dean Cain, Timothy Goodwin, Phuong Kubacki, Jeremy Gladen, Richie Acevedo, Kathy Sanders, Gary Lee Vincent, Brad Twigg, Suzanne R. Neff, Luba Hansen, Katherine Elise Shaw, Michael Sigler, Solon Tsangaras, Veronica Rogers, Barry Michael Dailey, JoAnn F. Peterson

Plot Synopsis:  Based on the award winning book titled the same, A Promise to Astrid is a fascinating new faith-based film based on a true story about a woman with extraordinary gifts.  A remarkable woman named Astrid uses unconventional methods to change the lives of an entire community. 

The Flood (October 2019)

Image result for the flood timothy chey

Currently being filmed

Writer(s): Timothy Chey

Director(s):  Timothy Chey

Producer(s): Timothy Chey

Starring:  Dennis Quaid? Christian Bale? Kevin Costner? Nicolas Cage? Chris Pratt? Pierce Brosnan? 

Plot Synopsis: During Noah’s time, the Bible speaks of a time of great violence and Godless behavior on the earth. The Lord destroyed the entire earth through the flood, but spared Noah and his family due to Noah’s righteousness. This film will focus on the total devastation from the worldwide flood.

Unplanned (March 2019)


Unplanned movie

Currently in post-production

Writer(s): Chuck Konzelman, Cary Solomon

Director(s):  Chuck Konzelman, Cary Solomon

Producer(s): Daryl Lefever, Joe Knopp

Starring: Ashley Bratcher, Abby Johnson, Lila Rose, Emma Elle Roberts, Stacey Bradshaw, Jared Lotz

Plot Synopsis:  Unplanned is based on the true events recorded in Abby Johnson’s book of the same name. It chronicles her life leading up to the present, and her conversion from pro-choice to pro-life.

The Chronicles of Narnia (TV series)

Image result for chronicles of narnia

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Image result for chronicles of narnia voyage of the dawn treader

Coming in 2019 from Netflix and eOne

People Article

Writer(s): C.S. Lewis, Douglas Gresham?

Director(s): Douglas Gresham?

Producer(s): Douglas Gresham, Mark Gordon, Vincent Gieber

Starring: TBA

Plot Synopsis: 
A series highlighting the contents of C.S. Lewis’ famous The Chronicles of Narnia book series. It is rumored that some of the episodes will be live action, rather than animated. 

The 3 (2018)

The 3 Poster

Coming in 2018?

Writer(s): Chip Rossetti 

Director(s): Chip Rossetti

Producer(s): Chip Rossetti

Starring: Skeeta Jenkins, Kate Kilcoyne, Jeff Armstrong

Plot Synopsis: 
After the untimely death of his daughter, Jimmy’s life is at a crossroads. The choices he is about to make will determine the rest of his life. It is at his lowest point that he is visited by three guests, each with their own agenda, that will steer him toward his destiny.

The Follower (2019)

Coming in 2019

Facebook page

Writer(s): Robert Stark

Director(s): Jason Campbell, Ryan Crossey, Timothy E. Goodwin

Producer(s): Jason Campbell, Robert Stark

Starring: Dean Cain, Michael Sigler, Timothy E. Goodwin, Lea Hutton Beasmore, Gary Lee Vincent, Zoe Scarborough, J. W. Myers, Ramona Bowles, Chuck Winstead, Veronica Rogers,


Plot Synopsis: A modern, comedic retelling of the Biblical story of Elijah and Elisha.


Megan’s Christmas Miracle (Christmas 2018)

Coming to theaters Christmas 2018


Writer(s): Jason Campbell, Dorian Cleavenger, Ronda Suder

Director(s): Deven Bromme, Jason Campbell

Producer(s): Theresa Bender, Jason Campbell

Starring: Nevaeh Suder, Shane McCourt, Tyler Suder, Camey Suder, Nic Oliverio, Lacey Nelson Noah Hamrick, Dean Cain, Timothy E. Goodwin, Greg Puckett, Deven Bromme, Brooklyn Nelson, Michael Sigler, Gant Montgomery, Ronda Suder, Rachel Stefursky, Katherine Elise Shaw, Veronica Rogers


Plot Synopsis: Megan’s Christmas Miracle is the enchanting Christmas story about a teenage girl that finds hope in a magical nativity display at her church. When Megan’s father whisks her away from the only life she knew and relocate to a small coal-mining town of West Virginia she struggles to fit in.  In fact, she gives up on her one true passion: dance. The film starts with a hurt little girl and ends with a confident and assured beautiful lady. It’s about believing in miracles and in the magic of Christmas.


The Chosen, Season 1 (2019?)

Currently in pre-production 


Writer(s): Tyler Thompson, Dallas Jenkins

Director(s): Dallas Jenkins

Producer(s): Fred Adams, Pete McDonough, James MacDonald, Luke MacDonald, Matthew Faraci

Starring: TBA


Plot Synopsis: This series will be the first-ever multi-season show about the life of Jesus.

Christmas Stories (November 2019)

Currently in pre-production 


Writer(s): Timothy Chey

Director(s): Timothy Chey

Producer(s): Timothy Chey

Starring: TBA


Plot Synopsis: The film focuses on ten true stories that happen on Christmas Eve. This epic will go from New York City, to the battlefields of World War II, to plains of Africa – all on Christmas Eve. From the true story of a Colombian woman who was going to kill her husband on Christmas Eve, to the incredible true story of how the seminal Christmas song, ‘O Holy Night’, was written against all odds, this film is sure put Christ back into Christmas.

Run the Race (February 2019)

Tim Tebow to Co-Produce First Theatrical Film, <i>Run the Race</i>

Coming to theaters February 22, 2019 from Roadside Attractions and the Tebow brothers

Writer(s): Jake McEntire, Jason Baumgardner, Chris Dowling

Director(s): Chris Dowling

Producer(s): Tim Tebow, Robby Tebow, Darren Moorman, Jake McEntire, Ken Carpenter, Trey Brunson, Erik Dellenback, Kevin Draper, Joe Kosakowski, Charity McEntire, Bill Reeves, Mark Rickard, Justin Tolley, James Vines

Starring: Mykelti Williamson, Frances Fisher, Tanner Stine, Evan Hofer, Kristoffher Polaha, Kelsey Reinhardt, Mario Van Peebles, Caleb Castille, Eddie George, Jake McEntire, Gianna Simone, Rob Moran, Rebecca Lines, Darrell Foster, Jaci Velasquez, Caleb Emery, Neva Howell, Kevin Wayne, Brandi Lewis, Ken Carpenter, Harrison Stone, London Curtis

Plot Synopsis: Against the backdrop of high school football and track, two brothers in a small Southern town face escalating problems with two different world views, straining – but ultimately strengthening – the bonds of brotherhood.

Promises to Keep (2018)

Promises to Keep Poster

Coming to theaters in 2018


Writer(s): Michael C. Mergler

Director(s): Marc Leif

Producer(s): Michael C. Mergler

Starring: Carly Tamborski, Christine Jones, Warren Bryson, Mitch Teemley, Arizona Craycraft,  Marianne Schiebert, David Baum, Chuck Gillespie


Plot Synopsis: Set over Easter weekend, Evelyn and Jonathan – both widowed and in their fifties – meet again when their children fall in love with each other. They almost married each other in their twenties but Evelyn got cold feet. Later Evelyn married one of Jonathan’s divorced friends Thomas, and left her Catholic faith rather than wait for him to obtain an annulment. Jonathan had encouraged her many times to return to the faith during her marriage but she resisted. When Evelyn approaches Jonathan insisting they try to stop their children’s marriage, both Evelyn and Jonathan’s true feelings for each other emerge. Will Evelyn return to the faith and marry Jonathan, or remain estranged?

The Least of These (January 2019)

Movie Trailer 

Coming to theaters in January 2019

Writer(s): Drew Goddard

Director(s): Aneesh Daniel

Producer(s): Victor Abraham, Aneesh Daniel, Stephen Baldwin, Andrew Mathews

Starring: Sharman Joshi, Stephen Baldwin, Shari Rigby, Aditi Chengappa, Manoj Mishra, Prakash Belawadi

Plot Synopsis: The release of this film will mark the 20th anniversary of Graham Staines’ martyrdom. The social fabric of life in rural India disintegrates in the late 1990’s, journalist Manav Banerjee moves with his pregnant wife to the town of Orissa in hope of a better life and the promise of a lucrative career. When speculation mounts that local Australian missionary Graham Staines is illegally proselytizing leprosy patients, Manav agrees to investigate undercover for the newspaper. What he finds is a series of revelations that are difficult to fathom and even harder to explain, and Manav is forced to make a choice between his own ambition and the truth. In the end, his actions spark a tragic event that is felt around the world.

God Bless the Broken Road (September 2018)


Patrika Darbo in God Bless the Broken Road (2018)

Writer(s): Harold Cronk, Jennifer Dornbush, Andy Fraser, Liam Matthews

Director(s): Harold Cronk

Producer(s): Stephen Afendoulis, Byron Allen, Mark Borde, Chris Charalambous, Harold Cronk, Mark DeVitre, Troy Duhon, Carolyn Folks, Andy Fraser, Jennifer Lucas, Shelly Newman, Dustin Solomon, Edgar Struble, Tracy Thomas

Lindsay Pulsipher, Jordin Sparks, LaDainian Tomlinson, Andrew W. Walker, Robin Givens, Makenzie Moss, Kim Delaney, Gary Grubbs, Arthur Cartwright, Madeline Carroll, Gianna Simone, Patrika Darbo, Andrew Morgado, Liam Matthews, George A. Johnson, Jordyn Casey, Kevin Yon, Kim Harris, Karen Johnson, Kaelin Stockwell, Kim R. Harris, Micah Tyler, Michael Johnson, Tommy Wolf, Rick Plummer, Terry Van Haitsma, Ian Van Houten, Adam Agee, Shane Carson, Steve Ostrander, Matthew Derek Davis, Harris Kim, Shaheem Dolly, Miguel Mahan, Becky Contreras, Cody Coughlin, Gannon Thomas, Adam Roberts, Miranda Roberts


Plot Synopsis: God Bless the Broken Road tells the story of a young mother who loses her husband in Afghanistan and struggles to raise their young daughter in his absence….until she meets a race car driver.




Breakthrough (April 2019)

DeVon Franklin at an event for Breakthrough (2019)

Coming to theaters April 12, 2019

Writer(s): Grant Nieporte

Director(s): Roxann Dawson

Producer(s): Becki Cross Trujillo, DeVon Franklin

Starring: Rebecca Staab, Topher Grace, Mike Colter, Josh Lucas, Chrissy Metz, Dennis Haysbert, Nancy Sorel, Sam Trammell, Victor Zinck Jr., Marcel Ruiz, Ali Skovbye, Lisa Durupt, Kristen Harris, Isaac Kragten, Stephanie Czakowski, Nikolas Dukic, Taylor Mosby, Alicia Johnston, Callie Lane, Stephanie Sy, Maddy Martin, Mel Marginet, Scott Johnson, Geoff Banjavich, Miriam Smith, Will Woytowich, Lecrae, Logan Creran, Jordan Kronis, Robin Ruel, Erik Athavale, Lauren Cochrane, Jason Wishnowski, Isla Gorton, Beverly Ndukwu, Karl Thordarson, Tristan Mackid, Kevin P. Gabel, Phil Wickham, Jemma Griffith, Kerry Grace Tait, Phil Hepner, Jim Kirby, Steve Pacaud, Connor Peterson, Derek James Trapp

Plot Synopsis: When Joyce Smith’s adopted son John falls through an icy Missouri lake, all hope looks lost. Even though John lies lifeless for more than an hour, his mother refuses to lose faith and prays for a miracle. To the astonishment of everyone present, her prayers are answered as John’s heart suddenly begins to beat again, defying every expert, every case history, and every scientific prediction. Mere days after the accident, he will walk out of the hospital under his own power, completely healed.

Overcomer (August 2019)

Kendrick Brothers Productions filming a scene from OVERCOMER on the Riverwalk in Columbus, Georgia. Photo credit: Sara Burns, Courtesy of AFFIRM Films and Provident Films © 2018 CTMG. All Rights Reserved.

Currently in post-production

Writer(s): Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick

Director(s): Alex Kendrick

Producer(s): Stephen Kendrick

Starring: Priscilla Shirer, Alex Kendrick, Cameron Arnett, Aryn Wright-Thompson, Shari Rigby

Plot Synopsis: Life changes overnight for coach John Harrison when his high school basketball team and state championship dreams are crushed under the weight of unexpected news. When the largest manufacturing plant shuts down and hundreds of families leave their town, John questions how he and his family will face an uncertain future. After reluctantly agreeing to coach cross-country, John and his wife, Amy, meet an aspiring athlete who’s pushing her limits on a journey toward discovery. Inspired by the words and prayers of a new-found friend, John becomes the least likely coach helping the least likely runner attempt the impossible in the biggest race of the year.

Roe V. Wade (2019)


Currently being filmed


Writer(s): Cathy Allyn, Nick Loeb

Director(s): Nick Loeb, Cathy Allyn

Producer(s): Alveda King, Cathy Allyn, Nick Loeb, Mindy Robinson

Starring: Jon Voight, Robert Davi, Corbin Bernsen, John Schneider, Stacey Dash, William Forsythe, Steve Guttenberg, Wade Williams, Richard Portnow, Greer Grammar, Ken Davitian, Chris Lemmon, Steve Monroe, Lucy Davenport, Sherri Eakin, Jim Gleason, Andrew Vogel, Allen Dixon, Chad Governale, Octavius Prince, Jarrett Ellis Beal, Summer Joy Campbell, Peter Thomson, Joey Lawrence, Milo Yiannopoulos, Robert Davi,


Plot Synopsis: Roe v. Wade chronicles the untold story of the infamous abortion enabling court case that impacted American history. It exposes the truth that a magnitude of lies has deprived millions of people of their human dignity and rights.




Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer (October 2018)

Coming in October 2018


Writer(s): Andrew Klavan, Phelim McAleer, Ann McElhinney

Director(s): Nick Searcy

Producer(s): Phelim McAleer, Ann McElhinney, Magdalena Segieda, John Sullivan

Starring: Dean Cain, Michael Beach, Nick Searcy, Sarah Jane Morris, Cyrina Fiallo, Cate Jones, Earl Billings, JR Hatchett, Damon Carney, Darryl Cox, Bethany Carol, Grace Montie, Stephen Goodman, Debbi Tucker, DaVena Sulevan


Plot Synopsis: 

A story based on the actions of Philadelphia abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell




My Brother’s Keeper (April 2019)

Image result for my brother's keeper t.c. stallings

Coming in April 2019


Writer(s): Ty Manns

Director(s): Kevan Otto

Producer(s): Robert C. Bigelow, Troy Duhon, Joel M. Gonzales, Robert Katz, Bishop Charles Mackie, Ty Manns, Pat Mathews, Brandon Riley

Starring: Joey Lawrence, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Robert Ri’chard, Gregory Alan Williams, T. C. Stallings, Shannen Fields, Blue Kimble, Karen Valero, Jeff Rose, Ty Manns, Derrick Gilliam, Stephanie Katz, Delone Manns, Nate Jones, Justin Clark, Roz Williams, Amberiell Hudson, Jermal Martin


Plot Synopsis: Travis Fox is a returning veteran struggling with PTSD and his faith in God.


Palau the Movie (October 2018)

Palau the Movie (2018)

Coming in October 2018


Writer(s): Kevin Knoblock

Director(s): Kevin Knoblock

Producer(s): Bill Busbice, Rebekah Hubbell, Brad Person

Starring: Daniel Roebuck, Scott Reeves, Jason MacDonald, Alexandra Bard, Jim Gleason, Gaston Pauls, Richard Shelton, Darren Dowler, Michel Noher, Veronica Calvo, Alexia Moyano, Fabian Corrasco,


Plot Synopsis: A story of relentless grit, motivational strength and humbling triumph, PALAU is a film many will relate to. As a young man, a passion and vision to proclaim the Good News of Jesus to all the nations was planted deep in Luis Palau’s heart. Amidst both seemingly insurmountable struggles and remarkable miracles, Luis never lost sight of his calling. His extraordinary story will bring hope to the masses and encourage all that God has greatness in store for them.


Fearless Faith (2019)


Coming in 2019


Writer(s): Mark E. McCann, Kevin Rushing

Director(s): Kevin Rushing

Producer(s): Chuck Howard, Kevan Otto, Brandon Riley, Keith Rushing, Tim Warren

Starring: Erin Bethea, Ben Davies, Jason Burkey, Deborah Tucker, Benjy Gaither, Todd Terry, Chance Gibbs, Keith Rushing, Scott Fulmer, Chris Alan Evans, James R. Frey, Sean Morehead, Ben Graham


Plot Synopsis:

This is a poignant, no-holds-barred tale of a cop who has lost his faith after the death of his partner and by seeing the horrors of police work night after night. It profoundly addresses the age-old question of why God lets bad things happen to good people. It was written, produced, and directed by former or current law enforcement officers.

Just Grace (Summer 2018)

Coming Summer 2018


Writer(s): Karen Abercrombie, Tara Lynn Marcelle

Director(s): Karen Abercrombie, Tara Lynn Marcelle

Producer(s): Karen Abercrombie, Tara Lynn Marcelle

Starring: Karen Abercrombie, Elizabeth Becka, Madison Bailey, Ian Grey, Cameron Arnett, Michael Higgenbotham, Sharonne Lanier, Lillie Ann Oden, Alexandria Benford, Jemarcus Kilgore, Melanie Robinson


Plot Synopsis:

When the life of Grace Templeton, an esteemed music professor, is disrupted by tragedy, she finds herself thrown out of her lavish academic world and into the harsh reality of teaching at-risk youth.

Tortured for Christ (March 2018)

In Theaters March 5th, 2018 and following from Grooters Productions and Voice of the Martrys



Writer(s): Steve ClearyJohn Grooters, Richard Wurmbrand

Director(s): John Grooters

Producer(s): Steve Cleary, Jim Dau, Alan Elias, John Grooters, Ionut Ionescu, Andrei Marinescu, Cole Richards

Starring: Alexandru FainisiEmil MandanacIonut Grama, Raluca Botez, Nicodim Ungureanu, Adrian Anghel, Relu Poalelungi, Gabriel Sandu, Gabriel Rauta, Bogdan Albulescu, Olimpia Malai, David Plesi, Eduard Adam, Stefan Ruxanda


Plot Synopsis:

The Voice of the Martyrs presents the inspiring new movie Tortured for Christ, a cinematic retelling of the testimony of VOM founder Pastor Richard Wurmbrand as written in his international bestseller Tortured for Christ. This movie was produced to honor the 50th anniversary of the book’s 1967 release.

Filmed entirely in Romania, including in the very prison where Pastor Wurmbrand endured torture and solitary confinement, this powerful film uniquely presents the story with live action rather than interviews. The dialogue is presented in English, Romanian and Russian (with English subtitles) to hold to the authenticity of this true story.

The Trump Prophecy (October 2018)


In Limited Theaters October 2 and 4, 2018



Writer(s): Mark Taylor (aka Shakina Kami), Mary Colbert, Rick Eldridge, Jimmy Hager

Director(s): Stephan Schultze

Producer(s): Stephan Schultze, Scotty Curlee, Rick Eldridge, Justin Tolley, David Cook

Starring: Craig Nelson, Paulette Todd, Karen Boles, Don Brooks


Plot Synopsis:

What if you heard a Voice, different from your thinking voice, a Powerful Voice talking to you in the second person inside your head? Giving you details you’d never imagined about one of the most important events in the world? Would you listen? More importantly, if you’re a Christian, and live your life in accordance with your understanding of His will and purpose, what would it take to convince you that God had spoken to you?

Mark Taylor, a recently retired fireman; had this experience. Around 2 a.m. on the night of April 28, 2011, and unable to sleep he was channel surfing when he clicked on C-Span. The man on the screen was Donald Trump, and Mark had the premonition that he heard God say “You are hearing the voice of the next President.” Little did Mark know several dozen video recordings of others documented that they also got the same message and were equally convinced it came from God.

THE TRUMP PROPHECY is an inspirational message of Hope, highlighting the vast beauty and greatness of The United States, its electoral process and concludes by asking a panel of world leaders to respond to a few questions like: What does it mean to “make America great again?” How does a healthy American economy affect world economics? What does the current US administration mean to the middle east and specifically Israel? How does a strong US military affect the world climate for peace?



The Passion of the Christ 2: The Resurrection (expected late 2019)

Currently in pre-production


Writer(s): Randall Wallace

Director(s): Mel Gibson, Randall Wallace

Producer(s): Mel Gibson, Randall Wallace, Jim Caviezel?

Starring: Jim Caviezel, Christo Jivkov, Maia Morgenstern, Francesco de Vito


Plot Synopsis:

Jesus is depicted going into hell before being Resurrected.

To Be a Soldier (January 2018)


Coming in 2018


Writer(s): T.L. Bridger, Adam Dufour, Jacob Dufour

Director(s): Adam Dufour

Producer(s): Adam Dufour

Starring: Jacob Dufour, T.L. Bridger, Wayne E. Brown, Julie Streble, Christian Thesken, Miguel Gonzalez, Rachel Casey, Haroon Kahn, Daniel Main, Payton Christian, Caleb Martin, Shelby Taylor Mullins, Justin Cleghorn


Plot Synopsis:

A British insurance agent enlists the help of an ex-Army ranger to rescue his sister, who has become entangled with ISIS.

The Prayer Box (October 2018)

Image result for the prayer box movie kevan otto

Coming to theaters October 2018

Movie Trailer

Writer(s): Trisha Mammen

Director(s): Kevan Otto

Producer(s): Brad Allen, Danny H. Chan, Frank Gillen, Chuck Howard, Martin Michael, Danny Roth, Damiano Tucci, Michael J. Wickham

Starring: Denise Richards, Reginald VelJohnson, Lea Hutton Beasmore, Denise Morris, Carey Scott, Sampley Baringa, Grant Davidson, Graham Schneider, Beverly Copas Joyner, Jared Ivers, Sammie Laster, Chandler DuPont, David Buchanan, Sharon Bishop, Ben Graham, Ava Kroener, Shannon D. Keith, Bristol Butler, Emma Phipps

Plot Synopsis:

“Prayer Box” is about a little boy who learns that written prayers placed in his church’s prayer box get discarded after a while. He gathers them and tries to secretly answer the townspeople’s prayers.

Gloria Dais (in progress)

Coming Soon from Rossetti Productions


Writer(s): Chip Rossetti

Director(s): Chip Rossetti

Producer(s): Mark Potts, Chip Rossetti

Starring: Marion RossErik EstradaKaryn Williams


Plot Synopsis:

Gloria Dais, named as such because of her parents love of Bruce Springsteen, has always lived in the city. After her mom and dad divorce, Gloria is forced to move to the tiny town on Wishem, Kentucky, against her wishes. As she begs her mother to let her go home to her friends, she unexpectedly ends up in the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way she meets people that will change her forever, and learn lessons in life and love. “Gloria Dais” is an adventure story for the whole family, where Gloria discovers that “True Adventure Takes You Home.”

Upcoming and New Christian Movies and Series

This page will be updated as more movies and series are revealed.  If you have an upcoming movie or series to share, or if something needs to be updated, don’t hesitate to comment below!

October 2018

2nd (limited theaters): Power of the Air

2nd and 4th (limited screenings): The Trump Prophecy

16th (limited screenings): Play the Flute

26th (in theaters): Indivisible

If You’re Gone

Palau: The Movie

Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer

The Pastor (TBA)

30th (in theaters): The Prayer Box 

5th (in theaters): Turbulent 

November 2018

6th (Direct to DVD and Pureflix.com) Christmas Manger 

7th (Direct to DVD): Heaven’s War (formerly Beyond the Darkness)

Malibu Dan the Family Man, Season 2 

Promises to Keep?

23rd (limited screenings): Santa Fake

The Farmer and the Belle: Real Love (Thanksgiving)

The 3 (Chip Rossetti film, TBA)

December 2018

Coming to theaters on the 8th: Buttons (Tim Janis musical)

Megan’s Christmas Miracle 

January 2019

The Least of These (Graham Staines movie)

February 2019

Run the Race (Tebow brothers movie)

When Calls the Heart, Season 6 (Christmas episode airing Christmas Day)

March 2019

A Promise to Astrid (JC films)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair

Unplanned (Abby Johnson movie)

April 2019


My Brother’s Keeper 

The Chosen, Season 1 

The Islands (Timothy Chey movie)

The Perfect Race

May 2019

Roe V. Wade?

June 2019

Redeemed (TBA)

The Chronicles of Narnia (Netflix TV series)

The Follower (TBA)

July 2019

August 2019

Overcomer (new Kendrick brothers movie)

September 2019

October 2019

The Passion of the Christ 2: The Resurrection (expected late 2019)

Untitled Erwin Brothers Film (TBA)

November 2019

Christmas Stories (Timothy Chey)

December 2019

The Future…

The Baxters series (in progress)

Gloria Dais (in progress)

I Do (in progress)

untitled dark comedy from Ian Hoffbeck (in progress)

untitled Christmas movie from Rik Swartzwelder (in progress)

untitled historical epic from Burns Family Studios (in progress)

The Dark (pre-production)

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (pre-production)

Pure (pre-production)

Revelation Road 4 (rumored)

sequel to Caged No More (rumored)

Left Behind Next Generation movie 2 (rumored)

Boo (rumored)

No Filter (rumored)

Riven (rumored)

Twas the Night Before (rumored)

HeavenQuest: A Pilgrim’s Progress (status unknown)

A High School Story (status unknown)

Signs and Wonders (status unknown)

Rachel (status unknown)

Pontius Pilate (status unknown)

Lifestone Velocity (status unknown)

A Walk With Grace (status unknown)

Selfie Dad (status unknown)

Daughters (status unknown)

Miracle Falls (status unknown)

I Sell Bibles (status unknown)

Christian Movie (status unknown)

11 Seconds (status unknown)

The Boonies (status unknown)

The Roman Road (status unknown)

The Lock-In (status unknown)

The Delusion (status unknown)

Song of Acadia series (status unknown)

Iscariot (status unknown)

Santa Fake (November 2018)

Santa Fake (2018)

Coming to theaters November 23, 2018

Facebook Page

Writer(s): Julie M. Burris

Director(s): Julie M. Burris

Producer(s): Julie M. Burris, Chad Burris, Matthew Hanson, Faith Hibbs-Clark, Chee Ho, Jonathan Delaney Marsh

Starring: Judd Nelson, Heather Morris, Jeff Fahey, John Rhys-Davies, Tony Amendola, Damian McGinty, Gary Farmer, Pancho Moler, Soledad St. Hilaire

Plot Synopsis:

Incorporating classic Christmas music, the film is a slapstick comedy with bright, beautiful scenery and the overriding themes of faith, hope and the joyful spirit of Christmas.  The film follows character Pat Keeley as he’s chased by criminals and the law from New York to New Mexico, where he uncovers that Santa might not be fake at all.

A Horse from Heaven (in progress)



Writer(s): David de VosStephanie de Vos

Director(s): David de Vos

Producer(s): David de Vos, Stephanie de Vos, Fozounmayeh Michelle, Dana Risvold


Starring: Mandy Grace, Devan Key, Donna Rusch, David de Vos, Isabella Mancuso, Ariana Guido, Caris Kozak, Ryan O’Quinn, James Mulligan, Austin Brooks, Sonia Huffman, Joelle Mancuso, Candace Kozak, Michelle Fozounmayeh, Joe Mancuso, Ashlynne Mulligan, Jackie Kozak


Plot Synopsis:

A Horse from Heaven is an upcoming movie about a lonely teenager girl who finds love and healing through a relationship with a wounded horse.

Unbroken: Path to Redemption (September 2018)

Samuel Hunt in Unbroken: Path to Redemption (2018)


In Theaters September 14, 2018

Facebook Page


Writer(s): Richard Friedenberg, Ken Hixon

Director(s): Harold Cronk

Producer(s): Matthew Baer, Mike Elliott, Cynthia Garris, Bruce Wayne Gillies, Lisa Gooding, Greg Holstein, Dave Mechem, Bill Reeves, Erik Weir, Luke Zamperini

Starring: Samuel Hunt, Merritt Patterson, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Bobby Campo, Andrew Caldwell, Trisha LaFache, David Sakurai, Gianna Simone, Maddalena Ischiale, Maddalena Ischiale, Frederick Keeve, James Immekus, Maddie McCormick, Derek Brandon, Scott Subiono, Christopher Wallinger, Deborah Quayle


Plot Synopsis:

Louis Zamperini returns to California where he wound up marrying Cynthia Applewhite while wrestling with untreated PTSD. Suffering constant nightmares, angry, bitter and deeply depressed, his wife convinces Zamperini to attend the 1949 Billy Graham crusade.

If You’re Gone (Fall 2018)




In Theaters Fall 2018



Writer(s): Brittany Goodwin

Director(s): Brittany Goodwin

Producer(s): Brittany Goodwin, John Goodwin, Cobi Nolbin, Justin Price

Starring: Masey McClain, Ben Davies, Desiree Ross, Burgess Jenkins, Oscar Mansky, Jackson Kilburn, Emma Holmes, Dakota Henry, Tara Thomas, Joy Murphy, Susan Willis, Nolan Ming, Alyssa Freeze, Tommy Vann, Kelly Lynn Sekuterski, Kaylee Evans, Stephen Merriman, Mark Dixon, Bobby Bland, Abraham Villafuerte Jr., Alex Pineiro, Jessica Coerper, Bree Molitor, Luke Nafrada


Plot Synopsis:

When high school senior Brad Lee disappears the night of his graduation ceremony, his girlfriend is forced to question everything she thought she knew about him and their relationship, as well as her own faith, in hopes of finding him.

The Perfect Race (April 2019)

Coming April 2019 from the Christiano Brothers


Writer(s): Dave Christiano

Director(s): Dave Christiano


Starring: Allee Sutton HethcoatGoria Cunningham


Plot Synopsis:

A female athlete at a small Christian college works hard to overcome long odds and try to win a national title in the 800 meter run. “The Perfect Race” is a follow up movie to “Remember The Goal”.

Play the Flute (October 2018)

Coming October 16, 2018 from the Christiano Brothers


Writer(s): Rich Christiano

Director(s): Rich Christiano

Producer(s): Rich Christiano

Starring: Fred Grandy, Terri Conn, Brett Varvel, Kennedy Tucker, Sean Ormond


Plot Synopsis:

A new Youth Director takes over an indifferent, lukewarm youth group in hopes of getting them serious about the Bible and their relationship with the Lord.

A Walk With Grace (in progress)

Currently being filmed

Facebook Page



Writer(s): Nick Kellis

Director(s): Nick Kellis

Producer(s): Nick Kellis, Lance Paul, Chris Carson, Drew Evans, April Kennedy, Brian MacGillivray, Austin St. John

Starring: Stephen Baldwin, Austin St. John, Joe Estevez, David Lee Smith, Nicole Dambro, Ashley Bratcher, Ian Grey, Brenna Sherman, Garrett Pace, Bret Aaron Knower, Lance Paul, Jenni Kennedy, Mishka Calderon, Jenni-Kate Deshon, Chris Minor, Yorke Fryer, Manu Aggarwal, Samir Patel, Jaylee Kennedy


Plot Synopsis:

When his mother dies a week before Easter, a widowed hotshot LA exec, Nate Lassiter, is confronted with heart-tugging responsibilities. He must finally return, with his daughter Chloe intow, to his hometown in Ohio. There, he faces the daunting task of signing away his family’s factory. Nate must also confront: a spitfire cousin, unhappy Nate left her to run the factory years ago, a labor-strike lead by his high school wrestling buddy, and a legal battle over the impending sale of the factory– brought on by his high school sweetheart, Grace. Nate’s biggest challenge, however, will be the realization that accepting things you feel you don’t deserve, and giving freely to those you believe aren’t deserving, is giving into God’s grace. Forced to search his soul and embrace his past, he just might reconnect with his God – and fall back in love with his Grace. Once lost in Los Angeles, Nate Lassiter is about to be found in Middle America!

Selfie Dad: When a Comic Gets Serious About the Bible (2018)

Emily Tosta and Shelby Simmons in Selfie Dad (2018)

Coming 2018 from Kappa Media and Rapture Pictures


Writer(s): Brad J. Silverman

Director(s): Brad J. Silverman

Producer(s): Patrick G. Ingram, Paul L. Long, Mike Sullivan, Geno Taylor

Starring: Michael Jr., James Denton, Johnny Pacar, Dahlia Waingort, Chonda Pierce, Pat Finn, Emily Tosta, Shelly Dennis, Peter Hulne, Charissa Saverio, Shelby Simmons, Jalon Christian


Plot Synopsis:

Spiraling uncontrollably into a mid-life crisis, Ben Marcus, a reality television editor, is convinced he can only be happy by fulfilling his lost dream of being a comic.  Ben posts his stand-up comedy to a You Tube channel, under the name SELFIE DAD.  His comedy videos fall flat until his tweener son posts Ben failing miserably on a home improvement project.  Much to his teenage daughter’s embarrassment, this video goes viral launching Ben into a new career as SELFIE DAD.  Soon Ben is an award winning, social media comic phenomenon! The problem is no amount of success seems to bring Ben satisfaction.  Through an odd relationship with a brash twenty-five year old I.T. guy (Mickey), who is on fire for Christ and studying to be a pastor, Ben learns the only way to attain true, sustainable happiness is by reading the Bible and re-establishing his relationship with Jesus.

HeavenQuest: A Pilgrim’s Progress (2018)

In Theaters late 2018



Writer(s): Matt Bilen, Dan Mark, Rachel Tan, Michael Tang, Darren Wilson

Director(s): Matt Bilen

Producer(s): Jeremy Adams, Matt Bilen, In-Pyo Cha, David Kang, Ricky Kim, Dan Mark, Rachel Tan, Darren Wilson

Starring: Peta Sergeant, Alan Powell, Fernanda Romero, Karyme Lozano, Ricky Kim, Eric Tiede, Asger Folmann, Patrick Thompson, In-Pyo Cha


Plot Synopsis:

A new take on the classic story from John Bunyan.

Indivisible (October 2018)

In Theaters October 26, 2018


Writer(s): David G. Evans, Cheryl McKay, Peter White

Director(s): David G. Evans

Producer(s): Sarah Drew, David G. Evans, Darren Moorman, Justin Tolley

Starring: Justin Bruening, Sarah Drew, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Jason George, Skye P. Marshall, Tanner Stine, Madeline Carroll, Michael O’Neill, Eric Close, Eddie Kaulukukui, Samara Lee, Carlin James, HannahFranchesca Samuel, NaomiNoel Samuel, Lucas Shane


Plot Synopsis:

Upon returning from serving in the U.S. Army, Chaplain Darren Turner faces a crisis that shatters his family and faith in God but through the help of former soldiers, they help him return to his faith and family.

With great anticipation, Darren and Heather Turner are ready to follow their calling: serving God, family and country. But when war etches deep battle scars, the Turners’ once-solid marriage lies in peril. Shaken and forever changed by what they’ve experienced, the couple now faces their toughest battle: the fight to save their marriage.

“God was at work in my life and in my marriage even as I did everything I could to walk out on him and everyone else,” said Chaplain Turner. “He accomplished a miracle in our family. It’s encouraging to us that it matters to people, that it wasn’t in vain, that there is purpose even in our heartbreak.”

Turbulent (in progress)

Currently in progress from Rossetti Productions and Mark Edward Films



Writer(s): Chip Rossetti

Director(s): Chip Rossetti, Mark Edward

Producer(s): Chip Rossetti, Mark Edward

Starring: Jeremy London, Juliet London


Plot Synopsis:

“Turbulent” is the story of husband and wife, Richard and Rachel Kline, who find themselves deep in the wooded wilderness, after their small plane crashes into the forest. The pilot is killed on impact, leaving Richard and Rachel injured and alone. Richard and Rachel will try to survive their plight, while at the same time coming to terms with the issues that they face with one another. Rachel’s Faith has her in a place where she is finding comfort in God, despite their situation, but Richard can’t see that.

Rachel (2018)

Rachel Poster

Coming in 2018?

Writer(s): Kerry Chestnut

Director(s): Juan Pablo Reinoso

Producer(s): Ray Nikolaison, DJ Perry

Starring: Ray Nikolaison, DJ Perry, Sherry Morris, Carman, James Van Patten, Lana Wood

Plot Synopsis:

Basically the same cast from The Book of Ruth makes The Book of Rachel because they needed to make another Bible film.

Signs and Wonders (in progress)


Currently in progress from Kingdom Sight Studios








Plot Synopsis:

A young cynical investigative reporter interviews a series of miraculous claims while escaping from the deadly crime kingpin he just exposed. His life will be on the line, and his doubt will be tested.