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Unbroken: Path to Redemption (2018)

In Theaters 2018

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Writer(s): Richard Friedenberg, Ken Hixon

Director(s): Harold Cronk

Producer(s): Matthew Baer, Mike Elliott, Cynthia Garris, Bruce Wayne Gillies, Lisa Gooding, Greg Holstein, Dave Mechem, Bill Reeves, Erik Weir, Luke Zamperini

Starring: Samuel Hunt, Merritt Patterson, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Bobby Campo, Andrew Caldwell, Trisha LaFache, David Sakurai, Gianna Simone, Maddalena Ischiale, Maddalena Ischiale, Frederick Keeve, James Immekus, Maddie McCormick, Derek Brandon, Scott Subiono, Christopher Wallinger, Deborah Quayle


Plot Synopsis:

Louis Zamperini returns to California where he wound up marrying Cynthia Applewhite while wrestling with untreated PTSD. Suffering constant nightmares, angry, bitter and deeply depressed, his wife convinces Zamperini to attend the 1949 Billy Graham crusade.


The Second Coming of Christ (March 2018)


In Theaters March 6, 2018 from 7Heaven Productions, Flawless Productions, and Inspired Family Entertainment


Writer(s): Daniel Anghelcev, Diana Angelson

Director(s): Daniel Anghelcev

Producer(s): Daniel Anghelcev, Diana Angelson, John Nickol, Mike Kent, Natalie Burn, Tim Newhouse

Starring: Al Sapienza, Alex Aves, Ali De Rossi, Anatol Rezmeritza, Beau Bassewitz, Bobby Filer, Carlo Mendez, Charlotte Benesch, Constantin Alecse, David Donah, Debreion Brooks, Delonzo Carraway, Denny Dormody, Diana Angelson, Elena Plesa, Erika Curry, Eva-Marie Fredric, Freddie De Grate, Gretchen Dickason, Jason London, Jason Tobias, Jessica Zhou, Joaquin Cruz, Jose Diaz, Jose Rosete, Joshua Diaz, Juan Martin Aguirre, Kenny Arroyo, Kurtis Anton, Les Almourzaev, Les Brandt, Liberty Dawn, Maria Julieta Georoiu, Martavious Gayles, Martin Elias, Max Cutler, Meredith Salenger, Merilee Brasch, Mike Zehr, Mindy Zeigler, Mora Carew, Natalie Burn, Nazo Bravo, Nour Milla, Paula Drake, Paulina Vallin, Quinton Aaron, Sally Kirkland, Sarah Aguirre, Scott Engrotti Scott Engrotti, Tom Sizemore, Vincent Rivera


Plot Synopsis:

The journey of a woman scientist who, at the end of times, discovers that true Faith can bring Miracles.

If You’re Gone (2018)

In Theaters 2018



Writer(s): Brittany Goodwin

Director(s): Brittany Goodwin

Producer(s): Brittany Goodwin, John Goodwin, Cobi Nolbin, Justin Price

Starring: Masey McClain, Ben Davies, Desiree Ross, Burgess Jenkins, Oscar Mansky, Jackson Kilburn, Emma Holmes, Dakota Henry, Tara Thomas, Joy Murphy, Susan Willis, Nolan Ming, Alyssa Freeze, Tommy Vann, Kelly Lynn Sekuterski, Kaylee Evans, Stephen Merriman, Mark Dixon, Bobby Bland, Abraham Villafuerte Jr., Alex Pineiro, Jessica Coerper, Bree Molitor, Luke Nafrada


Plot Synopsis:

When high school senior Brad Lee disappears the night of his graduation ceremony, his girlfriend is forced to question everything she thought she knew about him and their relationship, as well as her own faith, in hopes of finding him.

Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018)

Coming to theaters Easter 2018 from Affirm Films



Writer(s): Andrew Hyatt

Director(s): Andrew Hyatt

Producer(s): Terence Berden, Eric Groth, Rick Jackson, Harrison Powell, Simon Sansone, David Zelon

Starring: Jim Caviezel, James Faulkner, Olivier Martinez, Joanne Whalley, John Lynch, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Noah Huntley, Yorgos Karamihos, Alexandra Vino, Alessandro Sperduti, Mario Opinato, Daryl Vassallo, Anthony Edridge, Husam Chadat, Kenneth Spiteri, André Agius, Nora Jolie Eckermann


Plot Synopsis:

Paul, who wrote large portions of the New Testament and served as the first missionary of the early church, will appear under the eye of his captor, Mauritius, while awaiting execution in Rome. His time is spent on writing the letters that make up the largest portion of the Epistles, as he attempted to strengthen the followers of Jesus against Roman persecution.

The Perfect Race (April 2019)

Coming April 2019 from the Christiano Brothers


Writer(s): Dave Christiano

Director(s): Dave Christiano


Starring: Allee Sutton HethcoatGoria Cunningham


Plot Synopsis:

A female athlete at a small Christian college works hard to overcome long odds and try to win a national title in the 800 meter run. “The Perfect Race” is a follow up movie to “Remember The Goal”.

Play the Flute (2018)

Coming 2018 from the Christiano Brothers


Writer(s): Rich Christiano

Director(s): Rich Christiano

Producer(s): Rich Christiano

Starring: Fred Grandy, Terri Conn, Brett Varvel, Kennedy Tucker, Sean Ormond


Plot Synopsis:

A new Youth Director takes over an indifferent, lukewarm youth group in hopes of getting them serious about the Bible and their relationship with the Lord.

Malibu Dan the Family Man (October 2017)

Series coming from PureFlix October 5, 2017


Writer(s): Tommy Blaze, Philip Morton

Director(s): David de Vos

Producer(s): Jon Kondelik, Matt Shapira, Philip Morton

Starring: David A. R. White, Andrea Logan White, Kevin Downes, Lauren Harper, Brad Heller, Kelly Stables, Aria Walters, John O’Hurley, Robin Givens, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Victoria Jackson, Erik Estrada, Gregg Binkley, Clint Howard, Pat McNeely, Robin Miller, David Pires, Shari Rigby, Shelley Robertson, Antonio Sabato Jr.


Plot Synopsis:

The usual PureFlix clowns from Hitting the Breaks make another so-called comedy series.

A Walk With Grace (in progress)


Currently being filmed

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Writer(s): Nick Kellis

Director(s): Nick Kellis

Producer(s): Nick Kellis, Lance Paul, Chris Carson, Drew Evans, April Kennedy, Brian MacGillivray, Austin St. John

Starring: Stephen Baldwin, Austin St. John, Joe Estevez, David Lee Smith, Nicole Dambro, Ashley Bratcher, Ian Grey, Brenna Sherman, Garrett Pace, Bret Aaron Knower, Lance Paul, Jenni Kennedy, Mishka Calderon, Jenni-Kate Deshon, Chris Minor, Yorke Fryer, Manu Aggarwal, Samir Patel, Jaylee Kennedy


Plot Synopsis:

When his mother dies a week before Easter, a widowed hotshot LA exec, Nate Lassiter, is confronted with heart-tugging responsibilities. He must finally return, with his daughter Chloe intow, to his hometown in Ohio. There, he faces the daunting task of signing away his family’s factory. Nate must also confront: a spitfire cousin, unhappy Nate left her to run the factory years ago, a labor-strike lead by his high school wrestling buddy, and a legal battle over the impending sale of the factory– brought on by his high school sweetheart, Grace. Nate’s biggest challenge, however, will be the realization that accepting things you feel you don’t deserve, and giving freely to those you believe aren’t deserving, is giving into God’s grace. Forced to search his soul and embrace his past, he just might reconnect with his God – and fall back in love with his Grace. Once lost in Los Angeles, Nate Lassiter is about to be found in Middle America!

Selfie Dad (2018)

Coming 2018 from Corum Deo Pictures


Writer(s): Brad J. Silverman

Director(s): Brad J. Silverman

Producer(s): Patrick G. Ingram, Paul L. Long, Mike Sullivan, Geno Taylor

Starring: James Denton, Johnny Pacar, Pat Finn, Emily Tosta, Michael Jr., Shelby Simmons, Dahlia Waingort, Shelley Dennis, Peter A. Hulne, Jalon Christian, Charissa Saverio


Plot Synopsis:

What happens when a comic gets serious about the Bible?

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