Fearless Faith (2019)


Coming in 2019


Writer(s): Mark E. McCann, Kevin Rushing

Director(s): Kevin Rushing

Producer(s): Chuck Howard, Kevan Otto, Brandon Riley, Keith Rushing, Tim Warren

Starring: Erin Bethea, Ben Davies, Jason Burkey, Deborah Tucker, Benjy Gaither, Todd Terry, Chance Gibbs, Keith Rushing, Scott Fulmer, Chris Alan Evans, James R. Frey, Sean Morehead, Ben Graham


Plot Synopsis:



Just Grace (Summer 2018)

Coming Summer 2018


Writer(s): Karen Abercrombie, Tara Lynn Marcelle

Director(s): Karen Abercrombie, Tara Lynn Marcelle

Producer(s): Karen Abercrombie, Tara Lynn Marcelle

Starring: Karen Abercrombie, Elizabeth Becka, Madison Bailey, Ian Grey, Cameron Arnett, Michael Higgenbotham, Sharonne Lanier, Lillie Ann Oden, Alexandria Benford, Jemarcus Kilgore, Melanie Robinson


Plot Synopsis:

When the life of Grace Templeton, an esteemed music professor, is disrupted by tragedy, she finds herself thrown out of her lavish academic world and into the harsh reality of teaching at-risk youth.

The Baxters (in progress)

Currently being filmed


Writers: Karen Kingsbury


Producers: Roma Downey, Mark Burnett, Will Packer



Plot Synopsis: A series of short episodes chronicling the trials and tribulations of a large family with six adult children.

untitled Kendrick Brothers film (Fall 2019)

Coming Fall 2019 from the Kendrick Brothers



Writer(s): Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick

Director(s): Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick

Producer(s): Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick



Plot Synopsis:

Tortured for Christ (March 2018)

In Theaters March 5th, 2018 and following from Grooters Productions and Voice of the Martrys



Writer(s): Steve ClearyJohn Grooters, Richard Wurmbrand

Director(s): John Grooters

Producer(s): Steve Cleary, Jim Dau, Alan Elias, John Grooters, Ionut Ionescu, Andrei Marinescu, Cole Richards

Starring: Alexandru FainisiEmil MandanacIonut Grama, Raluca Botez, Nicodim Ungureanu, Adrian Anghel, Relu Poalelungi, Gabriel Sandu, Gabriel Rauta, Bogdan Albulescu, Olimpia Malai, David Plesi, Eduard Adam, Stefan Ruxanda


Plot Synopsis:

The Voice of the Martyrs presents the inspiring new movie Tortured for Christ, a cinematic retelling of the testimony of VOM founder Pastor Richard Wurmbrand as written in his international bestseller Tortured for Christ. This movie was produced to honor the 50th anniversary of the book’s 1967 release.

Filmed entirely in Romania, including in the very prison where Pastor Wurmbrand endured torture and solitary confinement, this powerful film uniquely presents the story with live action rather than interviews. The dialogue is presented in English, Romanian and Russian (with English subtitles) to hold to the authenticity of this true story.

The Commander (October 2018)

In Limited Theaters October 1, 2, and 3, 2018


Writer(s): Mark Taylor (aka Shakina Kami), Mary Colbert


Producer(s): Stephan Schultze, Scotty Curlee, Rick Eldridge



Plot Synopsis:

Based on the deranged book The Trump PropheciesCommander tells the story of Mark Taylor, a retired firefighter from Florida who claims to have had visions of President Trump in 2011, among other things.  The story chronicles how Taylor’s wife interpreted the visions Mark was having while suffering from PTSD.

The Passion of the Christ 2: The Resurrection (in progress)

Currently in progress from Mel Gibson and Randall Wallace


Writer(s): Mel Gibson, Randall Wallace

Director(s): Mel Gibson, Randall Wallace

Producer(s): Mel Gibson, Randall Wallace, Jim Caviezel?

Starring: Jim Caviezel


Plot Synopsis:

Jesus is depicted going into hell before being Resurrected.

Sinjar: Valley of the Shadow (Summer 2018)


Coming Summer 2018 from Amor Domini Productions


Writer(s): T.L. Bridger, Adam Dufour, Jacob Dufour

Director(s): Adam Dufour

Producer(s): Adam Dufour

Starring: Jacob Dufour, T.L. Bridger, Wayne E. Brown, Julie Streble, Christian Thesken, Miguel Gonzalez, Rachel Casey, Haroon Kahn, Daniel Main, Payton Christian, Caleb Martin, Shelby Taylor Mullins, Justin Cleghorn


Plot Synopsis:

A British insurance agent enlists the help of an ex-Army ranger to rescue his sister, who has become entangled with ISIS.

The Prayer Box (Post-Production)

Currently in Post Production


Writer(s): Kevan Otto

Director(s): Kevan Otto




Plot Synopsis:

“Prayer Box” is about a little boy who learns that written prayers placed in his church’s prayer box get discarded after a while. He gathers them and tries to secretly answer the townspeople’s prayers.

Gloria Dais (in progress)

Coming Soon from Rossetti Productions


Writer(s): Chip Rossetti

Director(s): Chip Rossetti

Producer(s): Mark Potts, Chip Rossetti

Starring: Marion RossErik EstradaKaryn Williams


Plot Synopsis:

Gloria Dais, named as such because of her parents love of Bruce Springsteen, has always lived in the city. After her mom and dad divorce, Gloria is forced to move to the tiny town on Wishem, Kentucky, against her wishes. As she begs her mother to let her go home to her friends, she unexpectedly ends up in the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way she meets people that will change her forever, and learn lessons in life and love. “Gloria Dais” is an adventure story for the whole family, where Gloria discovers that “True Adventure Takes You Home.”

The Islands (November 2018)

In Theaters November 9, 2018 from RiverRain Productions



Writer(s): Timothy A. Chey, Umi Perkins

Director(s): Timothy A. Chey

Producer(s): R. Julie Burnett, Susan F. Chey, Timothy A. Chey, S. Marc Clooney, Lehi Makisi Falepapalangi, David Galea’i, Todd Kim, V. Carol Rosenthal, Ichiro Tatsume, Angela Xiong

Starring: Teuira Shanti NapaMira SorvinoRicky Sua’ava, John Savage, Ichiro Tange, Malia Marquez, Michael Camp, Malia Mahi John Huser, Lehi Makisi Falepapalangi, Harry Walia, Ala’amoe Keolanui, Boyd Lauano, Andrew Sexton Iii, David Galea’i, Shawn McBride, Clifton Burchfield, Bill Stonebreaker, Yosef Kasnetzkov, Troy Husey, Wallace Del Rosario, Kealii Kuikahi, Craig Nahale, Jessica Kamalu, Vanessa Clay, Vanessa Cadang, Frank Cozart, Ikaika Jonathan, Josephine Kueva, Kae’o Kapani, Serita Liva, Yolanda Hiapo, Sanders Kapahulehua, Rebecca Sanders, Hori Bayani, Tracy Makuakane, Mailani Makainai, Alice Nakahara, Lev Kohn, John Danilewicz, Emmanuel Gomez, Angel Lemus


Plot Synopsis:

Based on the incredible true-life story of Chiefess Kapiolani who descended into an active volcano to demonstrate her new-found faith and ushered in a new beginning in Hawaii.

The website above has a much more in-depth description that space does not permit inclusion.

Upcoming Christian Movies and Series

This page will be updated as more movies and series are revealed.  If you have an upcoming movie or series to share, or if something needs to be updated, don’t hesitate to comment below!


April 2018

The Reliant? (limited screenings?)

A Walk With Grace

Selfie Dad?

May 2018

1st and 3rd (limited screenings): Like Arrows: The Art of Parenting

June 2018

29th (limited screenings): Summer of ’67

Just Grace

July 2018

August 2018

24th (in theaters): Beautifully Broken

Play the Flute?

Sinjar: Valley of the Shadow?


September 2018

7th (limited theaters): Power of the Air


God Bless the Broken Road

October 2018

1st (limited screenings): The Commander

5th (in theaters): Unbroken: Path to Redemption

28th (in theaters): Indivisible

If You’re Gone

November 2018

The Farmer and the Belle: Real Love (Thanksgiving)

9th (in theaters): The Islands

23rd (limited screenings): Santa Fake

December 2018

January 2019

February 2019

March 2019

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair?

April 2019

The Perfect Race

May 2019

June 2019

July 2019

August 2019

untitled Kendrick Brothers film

September 2019

October 2019

November 2019

December 2019

The Future…

HeavenQuest: A Pilgrim’s Progress (late 2018?)

A High School Story (2018?)

Rachel (2018)

The Pastor (2018)

Pontius Pilate (2018)

Lifestone Velocity (2018)

Daughters (post-production)

The Prayer Box (post-production)

The Baxters series (in progress)

The Passion of the Christ 2: The Resurrection (in progress)

Gloria Dais (in progress)

Turbulent (in progress)

I Do (in progress)

Signs and Wonders (in progress)

A Horse From Heaven (in progress)

The Delusion (in progress)

Song of Acadia series (in progress)

Iscariot (in progress)

untitled dark comedy from Ian Hoffbeck (in progress)

untitled Christmas movie from Rik Swartzwelder (in progress)

untitled historical epic from Burns Family Studios (in progress)

The Dark (pre-production)

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (pre-production)

Pure (pre-production)

Revelation Road 4 (rumored)

sequel to Caged No More (rumored)

Left Behind Next Generation movie 2 (rumored)

Boo (rumored)

No Filter (rumored)

Riven (rumored)

Twas the Night Before (rumored)

The Baxter Family series (rumored)

Miracle Falls (status unknown)

I Sell Bibles (status unknown)

Christian Movie (status unknown)

11 Seconds (status unknown)

The Boonies (status unknown)

The Roman Road (status unknown)

The Lock-In (status unknown)

Santa Fake (November 2018)

Santa Fake (2018)

Coming November 23, 2018

Facebook Page


Writer(s): Julie M. Burris

Director(s): Julie M. Burris

Producer(s): Julie M. Burris, Chad Burris, Matthew Hanson, Faith Hibbs-Clark, Chee Ho, Jonathan Delaney Marsh

Starring: Judd Nelson, Heather Morris, Jeff Fahey, John Rhys-Davies, Tony Amendola, Damian McGinty, Gary Farmer, Pancho Moler, Soledad St. Hilaire


Plot Synopsis:

Incorporating classic Christmas music, the film is a slapstick comedy with bright, beautiful scenery and the overriding themes of faith, hope and the joyful spirit of Christmas.  The film follows character Pat Keeley as he’s chased by criminals and the law from New York to New Mexico, where he uncovers that Santa might not be fake at all.

A Horse from Heaven (in progress)



Writer(s): David de VosStephanie de Vos

Director(s): David de Vos

Producer(s): David de Vos, Stephanie de Vos, Fozounmayeh Michelle, Dana Risvold


Starring: Mandy Grace, Devan Key, Donna Rusch, David de Vos, Isabella Mancuso, Ariana Guido, Caris Kozak, Ryan O’Quinn, James Mulligan, Austin Brooks, Sonia Huffman, Joelle Mancuso, Candace Kozak, Michelle Fozounmayeh, Joe Mancuso, Ashlynne Mulligan, Jackie Kozak


Plot Synopsis:

A Horse from Heaven is an upcoming movie about a lonely teenager girl who finds love and healing through a relationship with a wounded horse.

Unbroken: Path to Redemption (October 2018)

Samuel Hunt in Unbroken: Path to Redemption (2018)


In Theaters October 5, 2018

Facebook Page


Writer(s): Richard Friedenberg, Ken Hixon

Director(s): Harold Cronk

Producer(s): Matthew Baer, Mike Elliott, Cynthia Garris, Bruce Wayne Gillies, Lisa Gooding, Greg Holstein, Dave Mechem, Bill Reeves, Erik Weir, Luke Zamperini

Starring: Samuel Hunt, Merritt Patterson, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Bobby Campo, Andrew Caldwell, Trisha LaFache, David Sakurai, Gianna Simone, Maddalena Ischiale, Maddalena Ischiale, Frederick Keeve, James Immekus, Maddie McCormick, Derek Brandon, Scott Subiono, Christopher Wallinger, Deborah Quayle


Plot Synopsis:

Louis Zamperini returns to California where he wound up marrying Cynthia Applewhite while wrestling with untreated PTSD. Suffering constant nightmares, angry, bitter and deeply depressed, his wife convinces Zamperini to attend the 1949 Billy Graham crusade.

The Second Coming of Christ (March 2018)


In Theaters March 6, 2018 from 7Heaven Productions, Flawless Productions, and Inspired Family Entertainment


Writer(s): Daniel Anghelcev, Diana Angelson

Director(s): Daniel Anghelcev

Producer(s): Daniel Anghelcev, Diana Angelson, John Nickol, Mike Kent, Natalie Burn, Tim Newhouse

Starring: Al Sapienza, Alex Aves, Ali De Rossi, Anatol Rezmeritza, Beau Bassewitz, Bobby Filer, Carlo Mendez, Charlotte Benesch, Constantin Alecse, David Donah, Debreion Brooks, Delonzo Carraway, Denny Dormody, Diana Angelson, Elena Plesa, Erika Curry, Eva-Marie Fredric, Freddie De Grate, Gretchen Dickason, Jason London, Jason Tobias, Jessica Zhou, Joaquin Cruz, Jose Diaz, Jose Rosete, Joshua Diaz, Juan Martin Aguirre, Kenny Arroyo, Kurtis Anton, Les Almourzaev, Les Brandt, Liberty Dawn, Maria Julieta Georoiu, Martavious Gayles, Martin Elias, Max Cutler, Meredith Salenger, Merilee Brasch, Mike Zehr, Mindy Zeigler, Mora Carew, Natalie Burn, Nazo Bravo, Nour Milla, Paula Drake, Paulina Vallin, Quinton Aaron, Sally Kirkland, Sarah Aguirre, Scott Engrotti Scott Engrotti, Tom Sizemore, Vincent Rivera


Plot Synopsis:

The journey of a woman scientist who, at the end of times, discovers that true Faith can bring Miracles.

If You’re Gone (2018)

In Theaters 2018



Writer(s): Brittany Goodwin

Director(s): Brittany Goodwin

Producer(s): Brittany Goodwin, John Goodwin, Cobi Nolbin, Justin Price

Starring: Masey McClain, Ben Davies, Desiree Ross, Burgess Jenkins, Oscar Mansky, Jackson Kilburn, Emma Holmes, Dakota Henry, Tara Thomas, Joy Murphy, Susan Willis, Nolan Ming, Alyssa Freeze, Tommy Vann, Kelly Lynn Sekuterski, Kaylee Evans, Stephen Merriman, Mark Dixon, Bobby Bland, Abraham Villafuerte Jr., Alex Pineiro, Jessica Coerper, Bree Molitor, Luke Nafrada


Plot Synopsis:

When high school senior Brad Lee disappears the night of his graduation ceremony, his girlfriend is forced to question everything she thought she knew about him and their relationship, as well as her own faith, in hopes of finding him.

The Perfect Race (April 2019)

Coming April 2019 from the Christiano Brothers


Writer(s): Dave Christiano

Director(s): Dave Christiano


Starring: Allee Sutton HethcoatGoria Cunningham


Plot Synopsis:

A female athlete at a small Christian college works hard to overcome long odds and try to win a national title in the 800 meter run. “The Perfect Race” is a follow up movie to “Remember The Goal”.

Play the Flute (2018)

Coming 2018 from the Christiano Brothers


Writer(s): Rich Christiano

Director(s): Rich Christiano

Producer(s): Rich Christiano

Starring: Fred Grandy, Terri Conn, Brett Varvel, Kennedy Tucker, Sean Ormond


Plot Synopsis:

A new Youth Director takes over an indifferent, lukewarm youth group in hopes of getting them serious about the Bible and their relationship with the Lord.

A Walk With Grace (in progress)

Currently being filmed

Facebook Page



Writer(s): Nick Kellis

Director(s): Nick Kellis

Producer(s): Nick Kellis, Lance Paul, Chris Carson, Drew Evans, April Kennedy, Brian MacGillivray, Austin St. John

Starring: Stephen Baldwin, Austin St. John, Joe Estevez, David Lee Smith, Nicole Dambro, Ashley Bratcher, Ian Grey, Brenna Sherman, Garrett Pace, Bret Aaron Knower, Lance Paul, Jenni Kennedy, Mishka Calderon, Jenni-Kate Deshon, Chris Minor, Yorke Fryer, Manu Aggarwal, Samir Patel, Jaylee Kennedy


Plot Synopsis:

When his mother dies a week before Easter, a widowed hotshot LA exec, Nate Lassiter, is confronted with heart-tugging responsibilities. He must finally return, with his daughter Chloe intow, to his hometown in Ohio. There, he faces the daunting task of signing away his family’s factory. Nate must also confront: a spitfire cousin, unhappy Nate left her to run the factory years ago, a labor-strike lead by his high school wrestling buddy, and a legal battle over the impending sale of the factory– brought on by his high school sweetheart, Grace. Nate’s biggest challenge, however, will be the realization that accepting things you feel you don’t deserve, and giving freely to those you believe aren’t deserving, is giving into God’s grace. Forced to search his soul and embrace his past, he just might reconnect with his God – and fall back in love with his Grace. Once lost in Los Angeles, Nate Lassiter is about to be found in Middle America!

Selfie Dad: When a Comic Gets Serious About the Bible (2018)

Coming 2018 from Kappa Media and Rapture Pictures


Writer(s): Brad J. Silverman

Director(s): Brad J. Silverman

Producer(s): Patrick G. Ingram, Paul L. Long, Mike Sullivan, Geno Taylor

Starring: Michael Jr., James Denton, Johnny Pacar, Dahlia Waingort, Chonda Pierce, Pat Finn, Emily Tosta, Shelly Dennis, Peter Hulne, Charissa Saverio, Shelby Simmons, Jalon Christian


Plot Synopsis:

Spiraling uncontrollably into a mid-life crisis, Ben Marcus, a reality television editor, is convinced he can only be happy by fulfilling his lost dream of being a comic.  Ben posts his stand-up comedy to a You Tube channel, under the name SELFIE DAD.  His comedy videos fall flat until his tweener son posts Ben failing miserably on a home improvement project.  Much to his teenage daughter’s embarrassment, this video goes viral launching Ben into a new career as SELFIE DAD.  Soon Ben is an award winning, social media comic phenomenon! The problem is no amount of success seems to bring Ben satisfaction.  Through an odd relationship with a brash twenty-five year old I.T. guy (Mickey), who is on fire for Christ and studying to be a pastor, Ben learns the only way to attain true, sustainable happiness is by reading the Bible and re-establishing his relationship with Jesus.

Like Arrows: The Art of Parenting (2018)

Coming May 1 and 3, 2018 from FamilyLife and Pro-Family Films to Select Theaters



Director(s): Kevin Peeples

Producer(s): David C. Cook, Kevin Peeples

Starring: Alan Powell, David Blamy, Alex Kendrick, Kristi Taylor, Victoria Anastasi, Katherine Shepler, Les Best, Holly Morris, Garry Nation, Andrew Hurt, Elizabeth Becka, Justin Torrence, LaVictor Chase Talbert Jr., Samantha Katelyn, Jason Rhymer, Jade Bui, Anisa Nyell Johnson, Micah Lynn Hanson, Adam Drake, Joseph Curtis Callender, Emma Dison Brantley, Kathleen Dellinger, Dawson Shea, Jaden Bishop, Frances Dell Bendert, Carter Babcock, Hobbs Peeples, Sophia Smith, Amanda Lauren Cabigting, Rowe Powell, Elleina Papageorgiou, Justin Livingston, Isabella Smith, Joel Dellinger, Aowyn Peeples, Randy Henning, John Jackson Hunter, Tara Warolin, Rory Root, Kendrick Peeples, Micah Drew Johnson, Davis Ray, Drakeford Peeples

Plot Synopsis:

When conflict, rebellion, and resentment overwhelm their family, Charlie and Alice are forced to rethink their parenting strategy. In the process, they realize how critical intentionality and focus are when shaping and molding young lives. FamilyLife’s first feature film explores the challenges and joys that come with raising children. Through a journey that unfolds over 50 years, Charlie and Alice discover the unmistakable power of family.Together, they learn that knowing and living by God’s Word is what brings transformation and hope to any family.

HeavenQuest: A Pilgrim’s Progress (2018)

In Theaters late 2018



Writer(s): Matt Bilen, Dan Mark, Rachel Tan, Michael Tang, Darren Wilson

Director(s): Matt Bilen

Producer(s): Jeremy Adams, Matt Bilen, In-Pyo Cha, David Kang, Ricky Kim, Dan Mark, Rachel Tan, Darren Wilson

Starring: Peta Sergeant, Alan Powell, Fernanda Romero, Karyme Lozano, Ricky Kim, Eric Tiede, Asger Folmann, Patrick Thompson, In-Pyo Cha


Plot Synopsis:

A new take on the classic story from John Bunyan.

Indivisible (October 2018)

In Theaters October 26, 2018


Writer(s): David G. Evans, Cheryl McKay, Peter White

Director(s): David G. Evans

Producer(s): Sarah Drew, David G. Evans, Darren Moorman, Justin Tolley

Starring: Justin Bruening, Sarah Drew, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Jason George, Skye P. Marshall, Tanner Stine, Madeline Carroll, Michael O’Neill, Eric Close, Eddie Kaulukukui, Samara Lee, Carlin James, HannahFranchesca Samuel, NaomiNoel Samuel, Lucas Shane


Plot Synopsis:

Upon returning from serving in the U.S. Army, Chaplain Darren Turner faces a crisis that shatters his family and faith in God but through the help of former soldiers, they help him return to his faith and family.

With great anticipation, Darren and Heather Turner are ready to follow their calling: serving God, family and country. But when war etches deep battle scars, the Turners’ once-solid marriage lies in peril. Shaken and forever changed by what they’ve experienced, the couple now faces their toughest battle: the fight to save their marriage.

“God was at work in my life and in my marriage even as I did everything I could to walk out on him and everyone else,” said Chaplain Turner. “He accomplished a miracle in our family. It’s encouraging to us that it matters to people, that it wasn’t in vain, that there is purpose even in our heartbreak.”

Turbulent (in progress)

Currently in progress from Rossetti Productions and Mark Edward Films



Writer(s): Chip Rossetti

Director(s): Chip Rossetti, Mark Edward

Producer(s): Chip Rossetti, Mark Edward

Starring: Jeremy London, Juliet London


Plot Synopsis:

“Turbulent” is the story of husband and wife, Richard and Rachel Kline, who find themselves deep in the wooded wilderness, after their small plane crashes into the forest. The pilot is killed on impact, leaving Richard and Rachel injured and alone. Richard and Rachel will try to survive their plight, while at the same time coming to terms with the issues that they face with one another. Rachel’s Faith has her in a place where she is finding comfort in God, despite their situation, but Richard can’t see that.

Rachel (2018)


Coming in 2018 from PureFlix and Reel Frog Films



Writer(s): Kerry Chestnut

Director(s): Juan Pablo Reinoso

Producer(s): Ray Nikolaison, DJ Perry

Starring: Ray Nikolaison, DJ Perry, Sherry Morris, Carman, James Van Patten, Lana Wood


Plot Synopsis:

Basically the same cast from The Book of Ruth makes The Book of Rachel because they needed to make another Bible film.

When Calls the Heart, Season 5 (December 2017)

New season beginning on Christmas Day 2017



Director(s): Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr.

Producer(s): Brad Krevoy, Robin Bernheim Burger, Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr., Susie Belzberg, Eric Jarboe, Michael Shepard, Jimmy Townsend, Vicki Sotheran, Greg Malcolm

Starring: Erin Krakow, Lori Loughlin, Pascale Hutton, Jack Wagner, Kavan Smith, Mark Humphrey, Daniel Lissing?


Plot Synopsis:

Beginning on Christmas again, Lori Loughlin sets up a wishing tree in town so everybody can make a Christmas wish!  Elizabeth really wishes that Jack will come home from fighting the good fight.

Summer of ’67 (June 2018)

Summer of '67 Poster

In Theaters June 29, 2018


Writer(s): Sharon Wilharm

Director(s): Sharon Wilharm

Producer(s): Fred Wilharm

Starring: Rachel Schrey, Bethany Davenport, Sharonne Lanier, Cameron Gilliam, Christopher Dalton, Jerrold Edwards, Mimi Sagadin, Jesica Womack, Eleanor Brown, Jeff Lester


Plot Synopsis:

Two sisters live in the shadow of their mother’s suicide, struggling to live their lives and protect their loved ones in the face of the Vietnam war.

Signs and Wonders (in progress)


Currently in progress from Kingdom Sight Studios








Plot Synopsis:

A young cynical investigative reporter interviews a series of miraculous claims while escaping from the deadly crime kingpin he just exposed. His life will be on the line, and his doubt will be tested.

Pure (pre-production)


Beginning filming in 2018



Writer(s): Nicolas DiBella,

Director(s): Nicolas DiBella,

Producer(s): Nicolas DiBella, James Pavone, Marc Wax



Plot Synopsis:

PURE is an inspirational drama about a young boy named Denim who finds refuge from the desolation and urban blight of his own neighborhood at a public golf course. Initially, Denim is simply attracted to the peaceful landscape of the course: its lush fairways, soothing streams, and beautiful greens – it offers to him an escape from the harsh realities of the violent streets teeming around it. But soon he becomes drawn to the game and trades a collection of lost golf balls that he’s found in the woods for a bag of old clubs. He makes a deal with the manager of the course, an aspiring pro named Casey, to play and practice during off hours. At first Casey looks at the young man as an annoyance, but one afternoon when Casey spots Denim putting on the practice green, he sees that the natural stroke that Denim exhibits is outstanding. Any putt within 10 feet the young boy can make.

Casey, who has never lived up to his once great potential, knows that Denim is an absolute diamond in the rough and takes the boy under his wing. But Casey soon learns that Denim’s life is complex and dangerous as he lives in a parentless home with an older brother named Xavian who is deeply involved in gang life. When Xavian hears his younger brother is under the tutelage of a golf instructor, he thinks there must be some kind of angle. He views everything through a lens of mistrust and suspicion. And soon Denim finds himself caught between two different worlds and conflicting loyalties. While he craves the chance for a new life and the opportunities that golf could open up for him, he doesn’t want to desert the family and friends and identity that are so integral to his make-up.

As Casey begins to guide young Denim towards achievements in golf, there is a clash of cultures and worlds. Denim finds himself caught up in conflicts that are much bigger than a young boy who only wants to succeed for himself and his family. In light of the current social unrest and racial divide in America, PURE is a timely tale with a timeless message. Anyone interested in growing the appeal of the magical game of golf, or reaching youth through a powerful narrative, will undoubtedly find its themes of mentorship, respect for diversity, and transcendence through discipline ringing true throughout a compelling story of hope and redemption.

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (pre-production)



Being filmed late 2017



Writer(s): Nicolas DiBella, Paul Root,

Director(s): Nicolas DiBella,

Producer(s): Nicolas DiBella, Marc Wax, James Pavone



Plot Synopsis:

Based on a true story that took place during the late-1960s, five young men studying to become priests were among the first seminarians in the country to be taken out of an all-male Catholic seminary and placed in an experimental program on the grounds of a co-ed university. Inspired by one of their teachers to break away from the confines the administration imposes on them, the five start broadening their experiences and bringing about positive change to themselves and others.

Their missionary zeal takes them to help migrant workers in farm camps, to anti-war rallies, and ultimately to covertly starting a home in the inner-city for the troubled youth of the area – all unbeknownst to their seminary leaders.

In defiance of church rules and numerous municipal ordinances, they are guided by what they believe in their hearts to be the moral imperative. They clash with their superiors and dangerous elements on the street that don’t appreciate the friends setting up shop in the middle of their territory. And all comes to a climactic breaking point when they set out to save the life of a young runaway who has fallen through the cracks of society and the church.

This powerful story of young men trying to lead purposeful lives in the midst of social chaos and personal change is a timeless one that reflects the era it is set in as well as our current time. It is a journey of triumphs and pitfalls that will touch the minds and hearts of those who have walked most of their own path and those just starting out on theirs.

Wild Faith (Post Production)

Movie and Series Coming Soon



Writer(s): DJ Perry

Director(s): Jesse Low

Producer(s): DJ Perry, Jesse Low, Joe Cipriano

Starring: DJ Perry, Lana Wood, Darby Hilton, Melissa Anschutz, Joe Cipriano, Christine Marie, Anthony Hornus, Abigail Mason, Joe Anderson, Jimmy Doom, Ian Griffin, David Gries


Plot Synopsis:

The film and developing TV series portrays life in 1800’s Michigan, focusing on a Civil War vet trying to make peace with his losses and start a new life despite the world resisting change around him.

Daughters (Post-Production)

Currently in post-production

From Rossetti Productions


Writer(s): John Cooper, Chip Rossetti

Director(s): Chip Rossetti

Producer(s): Chip Rossetti, Jeff Rose

Starring: Gregory Alan Williams, Francine Locke, Torry Martin, Jeff Rose, Shannen Fields, Andrew Masset, Doris Collier, Tracy Goode, Brittany Mann, Riley Bundick, Cledus T. Judd, Collin Alexander Brown, Donna Botts


Plot Synopsis:

Joel and Megan Graham have been happily married for almost 20 years. High school sweethearts since freshman year, they knew they were meant to be together. Just two years into their marriage, they were blessed with their first baby daughter, Genie. It was always Joel’s dream to have a son, so they kept trying. After two more daughters, they decided that having a son just wasn’t meant to be. So they settled into their lives as parents to three beautiful daughters. Over the last year, however, Joel and Megan have been getting tested at every turn. Genie has become an out of control, rebellious teen. Ten year old Katie has been having trouble in school, having issues with anger management and she can’t seem to control her temper. Three year old Sidney always seems to be sick. We are told that God will never give us more then we can handle. The Grahams are about to find out that He will always test the limits of what we can handle. The greatest thing a person can be in life is a parent. Something tells me that person never had three daughters.

The Dark (Pre-Production)

Series coming in 2017



Writer(s): Chip Rossetti?

Director(s): Chip Rossetti?


Starring: Donna Botts, Faith Murphy, John Wells, Jenn Gotzon?


Plot Synopsis:

Some Battles Can’t Be Won, Only Survived

It’s the Seventh Year of the Tribulation.  The world is in utter chaos and the United States is basically a third world country, with no electricity, medicine and a limited food supply.

Christianity has practically been wiped off the face of the Earth, save for small bands of Believers that are hulled up, just trying to survive until the Second Coming.

Pastor Peter Braxton leads one of these bands of Believers, and has taken refuge in his small church, trying to fight off and outlast “The Dark”.  Despite his own battle with his Faith, he has been charged with leading his church through these End of Times.  Little does everyone know that Pastor Braxton’s church is also one of the biggest targets of “The Dark” because Peter, and a few others “in the know” are the keepers of a secret, crucial to the End of Times Prophecy.

Their fight for survival will test their Faith, and force them to risk everything, in an attempt to survive, “The Dark”.

The Farmer and the Belle: Real Love (Thanksgiving 2018)

Coming Thanksgiving 2018



Writer(s): Jenn Gotzon Chandler, Jim E. Chandler, Leo Partible, Billy Falcon, Reuben Evans, James M. De Vince

Director(s): Cristobal Krusen, Anthony Hackett

Producer(s): Jenn Gotzon Chandler, Jim E. Chandler, Isaac Hernandez, Joel Bunkowske, George D. Escobar, Keith Rostalski

Starring: Jenn Gotzon, Mark Ashworth, Jim E. Chandler, Henry Cho, Jim O’Connors, Alicia Minshew, Patricia Mauceri, Richard Swingle, Wes Llewellyn, Amanda Llewellyn, Lily Buchanan 


Plot Synopsis:

Days before Thanksgiving during a fashion shoot, NYC Supermodel Belle Winters (and a horse) in pink pajamas gets dumped publicly by her Latin popstar fiancé on ERN Gossip News. Flooded by flashbulbs, the blonde beauty flees the biting press to hide where no one could imaginably find her (not even her agent)… the deep south with a pig secret.

In this classic Christmas comedy movie, Belle finds herself a fish-out-of-water, with her broken down Lamborghini, high fashion iconic clothing and an allergy to manual labor. Not to mention, the farmer’s pumpkin’licious six year old daughter waking her up before the rooster crows… to chase chickens. Belle is forced to stay Thanksgiving through Christmas season, in what resembles the backdrop of the nursery rhyme, The Farmer in the Dell, finding real love.

“The Farmer and The Belle” is a feel good Christmas comedy movie creating family tradition every Thanksgiving through Christmas season. Caught up in the hilaria of never-seen-before farm festivities, pearls of wisdom are the best gift given. Reuniting with Josh Carpenter, the farmer from the dell, Belle learns real love does not come from Facebook, but the real love of God. Thinking of things worthy of thanksgiving is best for treating mental tornadoes, and beauty does not come from the glitz of a magazine cover.

Right when Belle’s big secret is revealed, all havoc breaks loose: pigs, paparazzi and surprise comedic guest appearances creating one memorable Christmas Fair no one is gonna wanna miss.

With laughter and fun, will Belle Winters ever find real love?

The Reliant (2018)

Coming in 2018 from Fervent House Media



Writer(s): Patrick Johnston

Director(s): Paul Munger

Producer(s): Patrick Johnston, Elizabeth Johnston, Paul Munger, Brian Bosworth, Kevin Sorbo, Eric Jellison, Tim Schmidt, Doug Yeary, Betty Yeary

Starring: Kevin Sorbo, Eric Roberts, Brian Bosworth, Mollee Gray, Jenn Gotzon, Julia Denton, Kevin Wayne, Ian Lauer, Blake Burt, Josh Murray, Kiera Strauss, Brian Friday, Marisa Hampton, Tyler Sanders, David Benham, Jason Benham, Tim Schmidt, Nicole C. Mullen, Rusty Thomas, Nico Zahniser, Jesse Boone, Jonathan Bocinsky


Plot Synopsis:

When the dollar collapses, widespread rioting and looting ensues, and five children tragically lose their parents in the chaos. Armed with a couple of their father’s weapons, they are able to survive in a stretch of woods on the outskirts of their burning town. Facing starvation and threats from encroaching gangs, they begin to doubt God’s love. Will God answer their prayers, or must their faith remain blind to facts?

Lifestone Velocity (August 2018)

In Theaters August 5, 2018



Writer(s): Mark A. Knudsen

Director(s): Tim Kaiser, Daniel Knudsen

Producer(s): Kristina Kaylen, Mark A. Knudsen, Michelle Knudsen

Plot Synopsis:

Colt Lifestone struggles with who he really is until he is called on a journey that changes his life forever.

The Pastor (2018)

Taylor Kalupa and T.C. Stallings in The Pastor (2018)

Coming in 2018 from Action Faith Media and Destiny Entertainment Productions


Writer(s): Hector Echavarria

Director(s): Paco Aguilar, Hector Echavarria

Producer(s): Hector Echavarria

Starring: Kevin Sorbo, T. C. Stallings, Abigail Duhon, Hector Echavarria, Cameron McKendry, Taylor Kalupa


Plot Synopsis:

In a forgotten part of town, overrun by a ruthless gang; a community struggles with its faith, as they see their neighborhoods torn-apart and their youth targeted for gang recruitment. But all that is about to change.

Pontius Pilate (2017)

Coming in 2017


Writer(s): George Pan Andreas

Director(s): George Pan Andreas, Joe Guinan

Producer(s): Joe Guinan

Starring: Eric Roberts, George Pan Andreas, Elvis Guinan


Plot Synopsis:

The story of Lucius Pontius Pilate from his early days in Rome to the time he assists in the crucifying of Jesus.

The Silver Chair (Spring 2019)


In Theaters Spring 2019


Producer(s): Mark Gordon, Douglas Gresham

Director(s): Joe Johnston

Writer(s): David Magee, C. S. Lewis

Starring: Millie Bobbie Brown?



Called back to Narnia for a special quest, Eustace Scrubb, along with his friend Jill Pole, must remember four important signs in order to rescue a lost prince from an evil witch.

Out of Ashes (Post-Production)

Currently in post-production, slated for 2016 release


Producer(s): Polly Jenkins, Zac Heath, Jaclyn Friedlander, Kerri Cissna

Director(s): Zac Heath

Writer(s): Zac Heath

Starring: Alan Powell, Yasmine Aker, Danny Vinson, Karen Carlson, Jenn Gotzon, Britney  Merrick, Paul McCarthy-Boyington


Plot Synopsis:

On the surface, Out of the Ashes is the story of a man struggling to cope with the loss of his wife and son three years after their deaths, when a sudden encounter with an unknown woman challenges his seemingly empty world.  She believes that love can’t be trusted, and he feels he has no love to give. The story is their reluctant journey towards healing.

Just below the surface lies a rich subtext of fear, despair, hope, friendship, faith and forgiveness- and the roles they play in setting our souls free to love. The story takes place in the small town modern day South- an area where people have learned to live together in a sort of broken harmony, despite years of adversity in the past. The story is written to coincide with the season of Lent; a time of fasting that begins with Ash Wednesday (when partakers place ashes on their foreheads as a symbol of the burdens they must be willing to bear), and ends with Easter (a day that represents re-birth).  Even in the darkest of tragedies, love will rise again.

Submission (2018)

In Progress



Writer(s): Scott Pryor


Producer(s): Scott Pryor, Laura Pryor, Gloria Stella, Autumn Bailey-Ford

Starring: Scott Pryor


Plot Synopsis:

After two marines make it home following an ISIS interrogation, one struggles to survive while the other fights his way back into the mixed martial arts world that he left behind years ago – looking for a fight worth living for.

Submission is an inspirational film about friendship, forgiveness, and redemption.

Grace and Gravity (2016)

Coming in 2016

Website Link


Writer(s): Andrew Walkington

Director(s): Andrew Walkington

Producer(s): Bruce Marchiano, Tara Ward, Ellen Waite



Plot Synopsis:

An apologetics film featuring a man of faith trying to talk another man off a bridge.

Miracle Falls (status unknown)


Coming November 23rd, 2016



Writer(s): Paul Allan Brunotto, Sonia Woodfield



Starring: Eamonn McCrystal


Plot Synopsis:


Never the Bride (Summer 2016?)


In Theaters Summer 2016?

Website Link


Writer(s): Cheryl McKay

Director(s): Susan Rohrer

Producer(s): Cheryl McKay, Susan Rohrer



Plot Synopsis:

Nearing her 35th birthday, hopeless romantic Jessie Stone is tired of always being the bridesmaid and never the bride. That is, until God steps in and offers to write Jessie’s love story for her on one non-negotiable condition: Jessie must surrender her pen, specifically the white-knuckled controls she maintains on her dismal love life, to a God she didn’t much believe in much less trust with choices this close to her heart.

Power of the Air (September 2018)

In Theaters September 7, 2018


Writer(s): Dave Christiano

Director(s): Dave Christiano

Producer(s): Dave Christiano, Melanie Davies

Starring:  Nicholas X. Parsons, Patty Duke, Michael Gross, Tracey Goode, Karyn Williams, Wendell Kinney, Sallie Glaner, Veryl Jones, Scot Smith, Michael Shippy, Todd Squires, Trenton Fiscus, Breezy Sharp, Jaydelise Volquez, Rob Miner, Brian Brightman, Lauren O’Quinn


Plot Synopsis:

An African Missionary shares with a Christian man in the United States how he feels the church in America is in great danger. The Christian is very convicted by what he hears and then sets forth a plan to reach his city with the gospel.