As I Stand (Movie Review)


Plot Summary

Devin Wheeler and Matthew Daniels both have separate lives from each other, but each of them experience different tragedies that forever alter their lives.  Both of them choose to cope differently with the paths they have been taken down, but little do they know that their tragic experiences will inadvertently cause their paths to cross.  Forced to live under the same roof for a time, they must both grapple with the problem of pain in order to find their way out of their dark storms.


Production Quality (0 points)

The production quality of As I Stand is so low, that it has to be questioned whether or not it was even justifiable to make it.  The video is grainy and the camera work is shaky.  There are quite a few obvious continuity errors—sometimes characters are wearing different clothes in what is supposed to be the same scene.  In intended crowd scenes, it is painfully obvious that there were very few extras for this film.  The sets are severely limited, mostly taking place inside one house and around its property.  The editing is bad, but then again, what was there really to work with?

Plot and Storyline Quality (0 points)

What exactly is this plot supposed to be about?  The Christian message is very clear, but what is the application?  One tragedy takes place off screen, so there is no way for the audience to connect with the pain.  The other tragedy is executed in such a juvenile fashion that no sympathy can be offered.  The remainder of the plot meanders in an understated fashion that lulls the audience to sleep.  The characters are hollow and lifeless—they cannot be emotionally accessed by the audience.  One character in particular, a victim of domestic violence, had great potential to bring this important issue to light, but it all falls flat due to poor character development.  The dialogue is vanilla and practiced, thus leaving much to be desired.  Centering a plot around the problem of pain is a great idea, but it’s lost in this movie due to such low quality.  The ending of the movie leaves the audience confused and scratching their heads—that is, if they made it that far.

Acting Quality (0 points)

It was a good idea to go with a lesser known cast for this film, and it seems like the actors and actresses had potential.  But with such a small team and such a low budget, acting coaching was not employed.  This is not a typical PureFlix cast of vain wannabes, but their potential is not mined.  Unfortunately, this film does not garner any points.


In this modern era of Christian movies, is there any reason why films like As I Stand should ever be made?  There was a good idea behind this film and it definitely could have been better, but Christian film-makers cannot be loners.  We need many good teams working on movies together.  This zero-point film does not deserve a scathing review like some others do, but rather constructive criticism.  We sincerely believe that Carlo Nicoletta’s heart was in the right place for this film, but he needed more support than this.  As I Stand would have worked as a short film to help him build up his reputation in the industry, but not as a feature length release, unless he had more help.  Yet we sincerely hope that Nicoletta does not give up his film-making aspirations and keeps trying to improve in the future.


Final Rating: 0 out of 10 points