Eternal Salvation [2016] (Movie Review)

Plot Summary

Jonathan Wright is a successful businessman with a beautiful wife and daughter.  He has the house he wants, the car of his dreams, and all the possessions he could ask for.  But when he has a near-death experience, his perspective on life is forever changed.  He sees all that he has been missing out on and is compelled to follow God with everything he has.  However, he soon finds that his newfound faith is not easy and he must learn to trust God with his whole life.


Production Quality (2 points)

Though Eternal Salvation is a freshman production, it is quite respectable.  The video quality is professional, as is the camera work.  Audio quality is what it should be and the soundtrack is effective.  However, there are some cheap-looking special effects and some fake-looking sets that put a damper on things.  Yet the locations and props are realistic.  The editing leaves something to be desired, but sometimes this is to be expected for the first-time production.  In the end, this is a professional effort that gives hope for the future.

Plot and Storyline Quality (.5 point)

Though this is an interesting and non-typical plot idea, it is also a little too simplistic.  Though the occurrences are mostly realistic, the characters are far too black and white.  Christian characters are too good, while non-Christian characters are too bad, and this suggests that everything is automatically fixed when you are saved.  Thus, this produces a cheap Christian message that is hard to direct people to.  Besides this, the dialogue is also too obvious, including unnecessary narration.  Also, passage time is too vague as it rushes by with no real warning.  In the end, it is clear that the writers meant well—they just needed to brush up on their characters in order to make them more realistic.  This would have totally changed the dynamic of this film.

Acting Quality (2 points)

Though sometimes this cast is too practiced in their emotions and their line delivery, they are mostly good in their performances.  Sometimes they are too fake looking, but they are predominantly professional.  Like the production, this casting job certainly demonstrates potential for the future.


This creative team should be proud of the good start they have made here.  Their next step needs to be crafting a deeper story by developing their characters better.  Their ideas are fine, but they need better characters to back them up.  This team has certainly found great success in production and casting that can be built off of in the future.  It will be interesting to see what they have planned next; we need more film makers like them to improve and succeed in order to transform the market.


Final Rating: 4.5 out of 10 points