Seven Letters: Ephesus (Movie Review)

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Plot Summary

David is a widower who has had a good life, but he feels like something’s missing. He follows God but feels distant from the Lord. Thus, he sets out to discover what’s wrong, and what he finds surprises him.

Production Quality (.5 point)

Seven Letters: Ephesus bears all the typical hallmarks of a low-quality production. Poor audio, sub-par video, inconsistent lighting, and tight camera angles are all evidence of this. Sets, locations, and props are cheap, not representing what they’re supposed to portray. At times, weird sepia tones and other filtering problems overtake the viewing experience. Special effects and flashes are also annoying to the audience, and the soundtrack sounds like a free trial. However, despite these obvious problems, there are some okay moments that keep this section from being zero. Nonetheless, it’s too little too late.

Plot and Storyline Quality (0 points)

Although it’s obvious that the creators wanted to make this the first installment of a series, it’s hard to understand the actual purpose of Seven Letters: Ephesus. Besides major agenda-pushing, the plot is very simplistic and empty. Dialogue is very staged and designed solely to force a point on the viewer. As such, characters only present issues rather than actual people. In the pursuit of spoon-feeding messages to the audience, the problems that are introduced in the narrative are often rapidly fixed in unrealistic ways. Magical solutions present themselves just when the writers need them to, which makes the premise even more inaccessible. In the end, with no transformative themes, clear focus, or believable characters, this storyline has no potential and thus receives no points.

Acting Quality (1 point)

Even though it’s sub-par, the acting is actually the strongest aspect of this film. Nonetheless, much of the line delivery is too pronounced and enunciated. Emotions also come off as overly practiced rather than natural. However, there are plenty of good moments, just not enough to raise this score any higher.


When setting out to make a movie series, the pilot has to actually be interesting enough to make people want to see more. Trying to shove beliefs down viewers’ throats is never the way to do this. Hopefully, however, we’re now in the era where screenplays like this one are no longer commonplace.

Final Rating: 1.5 out of 10 points