The Baxters, Season 1 (status unknown)

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with Roma Downey and Ali Cobrin on set of "The Baxters"

Status currently unknown

Writers: Karen Kingsbury, Christina De Leon, Marilyn Fu, Olumide Odebunmi

Directors: Rachel Feldman

Producers: Roma Downey, Mark Burnett, Will Packer, Christopher Boyd, Brendan Bragg, Rick Christian, Ashlee Cohen, Karen Kingsbury, Kevin Mann, Dominic Ottersbach,

Starring: Trevor Donovan, Ali Cobrin, Brandon Hirsch, Taylour Paige, Roma Downey, Kai Caster, Ted McGinley, Masey McLain, Cassidy Gifford, Damien Leake, Asher Morrissette, Josh Plasse, Sheila Cutchlow, Victor Rodriguez, Jaime Primak Sullivan, Jake Allyn, Orel De La Mota, Emily Peterson

Plot Synopsis: This series is currently slated for 36 episodes that are based on Karen Kingsbury’s famous Baxter family book series that chronicles the trials and tribulations of a large family with six adult children.


32 thoughts on “The Baxters, Season 1 (status unknown)

  1. I am the same as others trying hard to find the series to share with family and friends but disappointed that unable to get it ? Wondering what the message is on this patience or time to move on


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  3. This is beyond frustrating. Everyone who has read these books is more than anxious to watch the shows. So excited. Only to be running in circles trying to figure out where and how to watch it.


  4. I have lost all hope of seeing the Baxter series on tv. I have heard if it ever comes out in will be on Lightworkers Media streaming service. And the worst part is 12 min. episodes. What a complete waist of a beautiful story.


    • I have to agree with that. i cant even find the website. it should at least have some episodes ready to watch. i am really disapointed. and the website is terrible


  5. Its really frustrating because I went to the imdb website and it looked like there were three seasons and the pilot but nowhere shows where you can watch it. I’m about done with the wait. I have lost faith in this project.


  6. I can hardly stand the wait!!!! I have read every Baxter book published so far by Mrs. Kingsbury and I’ve seen every movie, I am beyond excited to see the Baxter family on the TV screen as a series!!!!!!


  7. I can’t find an update (11-1-18) on The Baxter’s. When And where can I watch this new series based on Karen Kinfgsbury books?


    • I have updated this post with all the new information available to me. I’m sorry you have had trouble finding a release date, we too have yet to hear from the creators on when this series will actually come out. It was rumored that the first season would be released at the end of this year, but it is unknown to us whether this will actually happen. Thanks for reading and sharing! I will continue to update this post as more information is released regarding this series!:)


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