Yippee TV (Streaming Service Review)

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Streaming Service Summary

Yippee Tv is a new online streaming service for kids and families. Their mission statement is all about characters building character. They originally became known to the public for their exclusive possession of the new VeggieTales show and other exclusive content. In this review we hope to explore the aspects of this service and give you some pros, cons, and opinions on its quality.

Appearance (2.5 points)

Yippee’s appearance is one of its strong points. It has a nice yet basic professional design. Concerning other visuals, Yippee only uses Vimeo’s platform to stream videos, there is not much to speak of otherwise except a browse/search future. Hence, it is because Yippee has a basic design that it is not overly complicated or confusing. Nonetheless, it is still not an ideal design and there is nothing particularly unique about it. In the same instance there is nothing particularly wrong with it either, placing it just above average in this area.

Ease of Navigation (1.5 points)

When it comes to ease of navigation this is where Yippee’s basic design is somewhat of a disadvantage. Mainly because there is no way of filtering content easily since it lacks many features. There is only a generic search function at the top of the page and no way to refine search results. However, Yippee does already have videos/shows organized into categories for you. Therefore, it’s possible most people will not even experience any problems with navigating through Yippee’s content, especially your child. I personally found the service lacking in some basic navigational futures that are very available and easy to include. These issues may be minor but are still inexcusable, thus why it has received the above points.

Diversity of Content (3 points)

As I have already mentioned, Yippee has an expansive library of diverse content and they are seemingly adding more over time. Which is why diversity and exclusivity of content is the main advantage to this service. It is imperative to have fresh and exclusive content in your streaming service because that is what will ultimately draw people to it. That is exactly what Yippee has done with their service.


In conclusion, Yippee’s fresh exclusive content and ease of access (through app stores etc.) are the main factors that many families are looking for in a streaming service. Which is why Yippee is one of the best options available today for streaming Christian entertainment with the whole family, even with a few cons.

Final Rating: 7 out of 10 points


Minno (Streaming Service Review)

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Streaming Service Summary

Minno is one of the latest Christian streaming services that offers safe and friendly entertainment for kids. This service is made available online and in app form. It was previously known as JellyTelly, and now hosts their content, as well as many other shows.

Appearance (2 points)

Minno has a simplistic design that flows well and is not overdone or too boring. However, it doesn’t have much more to offer than its counterparts in this particular area. Overall, Minno has a nice look to it that younger viewers will probably relate to quite well. In summary, there is always room for improvement, but Minno has a good start here. Yet, they could make a bit more of an effort to include aspects that are unique, thus setting their content apart from the norm.

Ease of Navigation (1.5 points)

Navigation is a little bit of a bumpy road with this service. Everything is clearly labeled well, but it is a little bit difficult for first-time users to find their way around. Additionally, it is slightly challenging to find the catalog of shows and episodes that are available to watch. But, as I mentioned before, this may only be an issue for first-time users. It would be better if the catalog was more prominently located. The advanced search engine is a nice feature because you can filter it by show duration and age recommendation. However, it would be better as a drop down option due to how much space it claims on the screen. Technicalities aside, it is, for the most part, easy to navigate and the search engine works like it should.

Diversity of Content (1.5 points)

Minno has plenty of options available for kids to watch; however, it does not have many films and series that other services do not already have. Understandably, they are still in the process of adding things to the service, so it will be interesting to see where they go from here. Hence, one thing that would definitely set it apart from other services is having more original content. Currently, it has many good options, but a wall will most likely be hit in young ones’ attention spans unless the content is kept diverse.


Overall, Minno is a wonderful option for your kids. It looks okay, is easy to navigate once the basics are learned, and it has a nice amount of shows available. The service is available in app form, which is certainly helpful but in this day and age this should be an automatic given. Now when it comes to cost and value, it is really up to the user’s decision. All it would take is a few minor adjustments to greatly improve the quality of this service.

Final Rating: 5 out of 10 points

Pure Flix (Streaming Service Review)

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Streaming Service Summary

Pure Flix has made a name for themselves in the christian movie market for many years, mostly due to not much competition. Not only so but Pure Flix has become more popular in the past couple of years among christian family’s because of their streaming service. Their streaming service was among the first to grace this particular market and so far they have continued to hold an audience. Probably one of the reasons for this is how flexible their service is because you can use it in app form and many other platforms. Now does this mean that they have a quality service? Lets find out.

Appearance (1.5 points)

Pure Flix spent plenty of money on their service but seemed to overlook the overall appearance of their service. It is very stock and to put it straightly “boring”. However, this may not mean much in end because it doesn’t effect the functionality of the service or hinder viewers in any way. On the other hand though having a nice appearance does matter to some viewers but not most I imagine. Overall it is fine but not great.

Ease of Navigation (2.5 points)

It is mostly easy to navigate this service, only a few nit picky things to note. First, the organization of the movies and shows is a little discombobulated and makes it hard to find things. Second the search engine isn’t the best but it gets the job done. Navigation for the most part is straightforward otherwise and not much else that really stands out.

Diversity of Content (3 points)

Now to mention Pure Flix’s strongest point, diversity of content. This is really what sets Pure Flix apart from all the other Christian streaming services because they host a plethora of shows and movies. A lot of which are their own originals. Which is what most streaming services are lacking, original content. Now is this diverse content of good quality? You decide. However, it is my opinion that most of the content provided on Pure Flix’s service is a waste of time but that is just my opinion. It should be pointed out nonetheless that having a plethora of content doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good content. So this is an area Pure Flix should work on. Overall there is not many complaints in this area.


In conclusion when it comes down to it Pure Flix is currently pretty much the best option available for streaming Christian content of all genres. Why you may ask? Well a few reasons. Firstly they have the most content for the best deal. Now when it comes to the best deal it is the viewers decision but my opinion is that Pure Flix is the best bang for your buck for how much they have to offer. Which brings us to our second point, they are always adding new things to their service which makes it worth your time and money if you are looking for a service like this. Thirdly they have updated their player from what it used to be and it works pretty good. Because of these pros mentioned Pure Flix has received an X factor point mainly due to being the only ones that currently offer these options in the best way.

Final Rating: 8 out of 10 points