Pick the Next Movie Reviews!

What Christian movies do you want to see us review next? Β Comment below and let us know what you want to see!


Upcoming Reviews:

The Reliant


If You’re Gone


Faith Like Potatoes

Born to Win

Dead Man Rising

Shifting Gears

On Wings of Eagles

Mary Magdalene, Close to Jesus

Thomas, Close to Jesus


Loving the Bad Man

Life Changes Everything

Jacob’s Ladder, Season 1

Where Was God?

The Tribunal

If You Really Love Me

Fat Chance

Treasure Blind

Why She Cries

Objects of Wrath


Redeeming the Time

Adams Testament

Great Gain

Can I Get a Witness Protection?


Walk on Water


30 thoughts on “Pick the Next Movie Reviews!

  1. Please, review To Save a Life. It was the first Christian movie I saw (apart from Biblical ones) and I want more people to learn about it.


  2. I think you should add The Islands by Timothy Chey to the upcoming movies list. It’s coming out in November 2018 and is sure to make our heads explode.


  3. I love your reviews! They are “real” and don’t feel like they are written in a standard template or by a robot, yet your insights seem knowledgeable and considered in a broad context.
    I would be interested in your review of “The Shack”!


  4. can you review the series “sealed, signed, delivered”?
    By the way, thank you so much for doing this. Other Christian review websites are too “nice”…


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