The Offering by Angela E. Hunt

The Offering is one of Angela Hunt’s many unique and inspiring novels that is well-loved by readers everywhere. Personally, I think that Hunt did a great job of tackling a controversial subject and making it more palatable and personal for her audience. The topic I am speaking of is surrogacy; this is a topic that has spurred many arguments over the years. Some believe that surrogacy is unnatural and immoral, while others see it as a great alternative for those who cannot have children. Regardless of what you believe about this subject, in this novel Hunt bravely delves into the world of surrogacy by sharing the journey from the birth mother’s perspective. Amanda is an average American woman. She is married to her true love, Gideon, and together they have a young daughter named Marilee who is a gifted musician. Amanda works at the family business, an ethnic grocery store, and Gideon works for the military and is often sent on lengthy and dangerous missions across the globe. Even though they both work, Amanda and Gideon are struggling to meet their financial needs. Between paying for Marilee’s expensive specialty school and all the usual bills, Amanda and Gideon can’t seem to catch a break. Amanda has been searching for a higher paying job but has had no luck thus far, until one day….when a fellow military wife visits the store and tells Amanda of the financial benefits of being a surrogate for a wealthy family. Amanda is intrigued by the idea and although Gideon initially opposes it, he eventually approves and they pursue this new opportunity. Amanda is matched with a wealthy couple from France and together they begin the process of surrogacy. It doesn’t take long before Amanda is pregnant and making much-needed cash. Everything seems to be going according to plan….until tragedy will shake Amanda to her core. What seemed like a great money-making idea will dredge up a tragic event from her childhood and force her to see her failures and blind spots. What happens to Amanda and her family? To answer this question, read the book! I think that The Offering could make a great Christian film that displays the strengths and weaknesses of surrogacy, along with the lasting psychological effect that tragedy has on a child, and the importance of family. There is probably not enough content here for a miniseries, so a prospective filmmaker should stick with a standalone film in this case. I am excited to see if Hunt’s books will finally be recognized for their potential!


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