Christian Mingle (Movie Review)

Plot Summary

Gwyneth Hayden is very lonely in life.  All of her dates so far have been flops and she is tired of seeing people her age getting married while she still has no prospects.  So, in a stroke of desperation, after seeing a television ad for the dating service Christian Mingle, she decides to give it a try.  However, she has to bend the rules, since she has never actually become a Christian.  Her false persona is successful, however, as she receives a contact from a Christian man about her age.  As they meet, Gwyn finds herself actually liking him, thus causing her to sink deeper and deeper into her deception.  In the end, will the truth or love win out?  Or both?


Production Quality (2.5 points)

Christian Mingle is a very complicated movie to review.  For starters, the production quality isn’t really that bad.  There are some shades of an independent film feel, but the only real problems pertain to some strange lighting in some outdoor scenes and to some editing issues.  The camera work is pretty good.  Some of the sets could use improvement.  However, some of these errors could be excused if this movie is looked at in a different light.

Plot and Storyline Quality (1.5 points)

Box Office Revolution maintains that Christian Mingle is intended to be a satire of Christian films.  Corbin Bernsen is not a Christian filmmaker, so this is a defensible assertion.  It is not branded as a satire, but the dialogue, the plot, the character portrayal\development is too obviously bad for it to be anything but a satire.  The characters are caricatures: the desperate single woman, the nice Christian guy, the Southern Christian parents, the nice Bible study girl, the crazy boss.  There are few Christian themes in the movie, and the ones that are presented are so over-the-top ridiculous that it is satirical.  The dialogue is absurdly comedic and there are off-the-wall tongue in cheek references.  Rather than completely skewer this movie for its horrid nature, BOR chooses to applaud an attempt at satire without completely supporting it.

Acting Quality (0 points)

The acting is so bad that BOR believes Bernsen was either making fun of Christian acting or the actors themselves.  Some actors have lines that completely pointed at themselves in real life, even though this is not the case in the movie’s plot.  The delivery is lackluster, like all the scenes were done in one take each.  Satire or no satire, the acting is still not managed properly.


Some may be surprised at the unusually high rating for this film, but BOR at least found it entertaining.  What is truly sad is that not only are the events portrayed in this film possible due to online dating services, but that a satire of Christian films is even possible or funny.  Christian films should not be a laughingstock, but some of them are—Christian Mingle exposes this.  Let this be a wakeup call for Christian film makers everywhere: Hollywood is watching, and we have not fully passed the test.


Final Rating: 4 out of 10 points


8 thoughts on “Christian Mingle (Movie Review)

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  4. I would actually rate this movie higher than four stars. For one thing I did not find the acting to be that repugnant, I think it fits with the overall tone of this movie.

    Whatever the film makers were going for I found this movie to be very funny and quite enjoyable to watch. All of the scenes involving “the parents” are hilarious and were very well crafted comedically. The characters, the dialogue, and even the sets are used for comedic potential indicating that the creators gave attention to detail.

    Some viewers may find parts of the movie rather irreverent such as the “conversion” stories but I found these funny as well and they could be seen as a comedic skewering of fake Christians who claim some emotional experience.

    The only part I disliked about this movie was the predictable end that was not earned through character development. The last part of the movie seemed rushed to the point that I am not really sure what happened.The writers should have committed to the parody undertones and gone with an outside of the box ending.

    I would give it 6 stars out of 10.

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      • I agree, I thought that the overall the movie was great as a comedy, but the ending did not fit with the rest of the film. Which leaves the viewer wondering whether or not it was intended to have said genre. It appears that the director ran out of ideas and decided to end it abruptly.


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