Let There Be Light [2017] (Movie Review)

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Plot Summary

Dr. Solomon Harkins is the rising atheist star bent on destroying the faith of many because of a personal tragedy he endured that tore his family apart.  However, one night while driving drunk, he wrecks his car and has a near-death experience that rocks his worldview and alters his life’s course.  Will he be able to grapple with the new reality he has experienced or will he turn his back on God forever?

Production Quality (2.5 points)

Because Sean Hannity has put his money behind this film, its production quality is almost automatically professional.  Video quality, camera work, and audio quality are all flawless.  However, the original soundtrack is a bit much at times.  Nonetheless, sets, locations, and props are all realistic, adequate, and appropriate.  Everything demonstrates great funding and execution—the only nitpicks to raise here pertain to some minor editing concerns, as the film is presented in a choppy fashion.  But in the end, this film goes to show what funding can do to even the worst of Christian films.

Plot and Storyline Quality (.5 point)

Unfortunately, big money from a Fox News personality means big message-pushing from that personality’s unusual worldview.  Though there is a tiny amount of potential in this film, it is quickly squashed by Sean Hannity’s ego and his attempts to combat ISIS with a cellphone app.  Dialogue is mostly absurd as characters are required to make a certain number of ISIS references, not to mention advertise Sean Hannity’s ratings.  Besides this, there is too much of a strawman-atheist-has-a-conversion feel to this film and the character arcs are way too steep for reality.  Though there could have been something to this, it just boils down to a hair-brained idea thought up in the Fox News echo chamber.  This is pandering at its finest.

Acting Quality (1.5 points)

Though this cast is mostly professional, it is hurt by over the top theatrics and forced emotional sequences, especially Kevin Sorbo doing his best David A. R. White as an atheist impression.  Granted, some of these lines leave the cast members hamstrung with no hope of making anything good out of it (“Like a selfie for God”).  Overall, the Sorbos do a decent job with this, and it’s great to see them star opposite each other for once.


What is one to do with Sean Hannity?  Struggling film makers need his money to make their films great again, but with money comes long strings attached.  We believe that the original idea of this film meant well—before Fox News product-placed it to death.  This is the age-old dilemma of Christian films (and ministries for that matter).  But money or no money, an idea as absurd as a cellphone app that hijacks your phone’s flashlight feature in order to combat ISIS (even in North Korea!) should never, ever be placed on the big screen.

Final Rating: 4.5 out of 10 points


27 thoughts on “Let There Be Light [2017] (Movie Review)

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  2. I went to see this movie last night hoping it would be inspirational to me. It turned out to be the opposite. The casting, directing, and acting were marginal at best. There were a few emotional moments here and there but overal I was embarrassed by how poorly the film was made. I am still glad I saw it so I can warn everyone not to go see it. It at least wasn’t as bad Dunkirk. I am a Christian and in the film business but this movie was mediocre at best. The appearance of Sean Hannity, who I watch frequently on FOX, wrecked any believe ability left on the poorly written script. The only actor in the film that was memorable and halfway good was the pastor of the little white church who tried to answer the questions of the lead. Bad editing almost ruined this scene. I wish I had purchased movie insurance for this one.


  3. Hollywood uses its ego when they make movies and at the same time sell their propaganda and endorse products at the same time. The problem is that most Hollywood’s movies do not have a meaning or a plot that promotes a moral way of living. When a movie has meaning like “LET THERE BE LIGHT” people miss it because they are not use to going to movies with depth. This is the problem with movie critics because they cannot see beyond the script itself. They are in the habit of seeing sex, violence, and their own propaganda. This is why they cannot grasp the meaning of this movie and people acting as if it were real life today. The persons in this movie were not being actors, but were showing that life is real and we are responsible for our own actions and how our actions effect others. The end of the movie demonstrates this just like the rest of the movie.


    • What about? Woodlawn, Priceless, War Room, Mom’s Night Out, Heaven Bound, The Case For Christ, I’m Not Ashamed, Risen, Courageous, Unconditional, October Baby, etc. I know without a doubt, for i have seen all of these, that these are all ten times better than Let There Be Light!


  4. What a great film that truly translates hope into an amazing emotion. Just saw the film and was surprised that even after the titles ended people did not want to leave the theater, the space that just gave them/us a feeling of having experienced something special.


  5. Couldn’t agree more. Story and actors are truly unbelievable.

    Hannity’s appearance killed it for me. His base speaks highly of it but this movie was just embarrassing to watch. The editing was horrible… the wedding scene was a joke… with an interruption by the groom’s publicist to make her Hannity announcement was the biggest joke of this disaster.

    Why I wasted my hard earned money is beyond me. I could have stayed home and watched Hannity for free.

    Total money lost including admission, popcorn and a fountain drink: $24!!!

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  6. What a terrible review. Get your facts straight. As the movie was not screened for reviewers, I wonder whether you even SAW it. NO ONE HIJACKED cell phones. The phone ap was not Hannity’s suggestion in the movie. He did an “interview” on the subject, as any interview would be booked. Wow. Get your facts straight.


  7. I plan on seeing it. I like supporting Christian-based films. LET THERE BE LIGHT can’t be any worse than Hollywood garbage LA LA LAND and IT.


    • While we would agree that Hollywood does produce a lot of garbage, we maintain that Christian movies should be setting the standard for movie quality. If it’s Christian, it should be better. Only when Christians are able to reach many audiences through high production, plot, and acting quality will anything change in the movie industry and in the culture. We have to get out of our Christian bubble and make movies that are transformative, not just more preaching to the choir. Thanks for reading and sharing!


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